Dubspot @ NAMM 2013 Pt 2: Novation Launchkey, Robocaster, Apogee Quartet, Vestax Typhoon

During our second day at NAMM 2013 in Anaheim, we investigate a guitar modded by Moldover, new controllers from Novation, Vestax + Algoriddim’s mobile VJing setup, and some audio interfaces from Apogee with added iOS connectivity…

Apogee Pro Audio Interfaces Add iOS Connectivity

One of the more prominent themes at NAMM this year is iOS connectivity and Apogee is one of the companies leading the charge. They have recently announced new versions of their popular Duet and One audio interfaces, which will now be supporting iOS devices as well as Apple computers. In addition, they have announced a new audio interface for the prosumer market, the Quartet. This wedge-shaped box offers eight outputs, four inputs and Apogee’s renowned digital-to-analog converters for around $1295 US.

Algoriddim Vjay + Vestax Typhoon

One of the more surprising moments at NAMM this week was stumbling upon the Vestax booth where the company was displaying a new version of their Typhoon DJ MIDI controller being used with Algoriddim’s Vjay application on iPad. We found this tactile interface for video performance very appealing and left thinking that we needed to start building our own iOS VJ setup…

Moldover’s Guitar Mod–the Robocaster from Visionary Instruments

Another innovative instrument we made sure to check out is Moldover’s fusion of guitar tech and controllerism for Visionary Instruments, the Robocaster. Featuring assignable faders, touch strips and arcade buttons, this guitar outputs audio as well as MIDI simultaneously, allowing you to control any MIDI software or hardware while playing guitar at the same time. We saw a demo featuring the Robocaster connected to Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5, controlling octave transposition with the arcade buttons and volume with a fader and countless other cool, glitchy effects assigned to the other controls.

Novation Launchkey + iOS Apps

It’s been a while since we’ve seen new hardware from Novation. The company has been enjoying the success of their Launchpad controller for Ableton Live and now they have announced that they are expanding the line of Launchpad control products with a new line of keyboard controllers collectively called Launchkey that integrate clip launch buttons, faders, knobs, and transport control into the design. They seem to incorporate some version of Novation’s Automap technology as well, promising “instant access to major DAW control parameters–with no assignment necessary.” The company has also released a Launchkey synth application for the iPad which will integrate with the new keyboards.

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