Video Recap! Dubspot LA Workshop Series w/ Thomas White (OP1) + Thavius Beck (QuNeo)

On Monday April 9, 2012, Dubspot hosted a special, super-sized “Production 101” workshop at the Downtown Independent Theatre in Los Angeles with Professor Nalepa and Thavius Beck and a few special guests. The evening focused predominantly on new technology including the debut of Keith McMillen‘s QuNeo controller and a special overview of Teenage Engineerings OP1 by Thomas White (Natural Rhythm).

The the first part of this video recap, Dubspot’s Thavius Beck debuts Keith McMillen‘s QuNeo controller, a dynamic touch-sensitive 3D MIDI controller that features velocity, pressure and location data on each of its pads. Beck explains some of the QuNeo’s features and uses the controller in a performance environment with Ableton Live

In the second part of this video recap, house music producer and synth enthusiast Thomas White (Natural Rhythm) joins  the workshop with a demonstration and performance with Teenage Engineerings OP1 synthesizer/4 track recorder. The OP1 is an all-in-one production and performance device that offers synthesis, sampling, digital recording and effects in a small and beautifully designed package. White takes this incredible instrument through its paces and explains how this device changed his production flow at large.

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