Dubspot LA: Free Ableton Workshop w/ Free the Robots & Jeremy Ellis

Dubspot & Thavius Beck bring you Production 101 @ the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles!

The Production 101 workshop event returns in full form on August 17th at the Downtown Independent theatre. For those of you who attended last months extremely successful event, you have a good idea of what to expect… for those of you who missed it, this is the breakdown:

From 7-9pm I (Ableton Live Trainer and Dubspot Instructor Thavius Beck) will host a workshop on production tips and techniques using Ableton Live. I will cover whatever topics that are most relevant to those in attendance, so if you have a specific thing you’d like me to cover, this event page is the place to let it be known… I will get to as much as I can in the time provided, and answer questions briefly.

Then, the fun starts! From 9-10pm our resident DJ HERU will be spinning some of the heaviest tunes known to man and thoroughly pushing the limits of the theatre’s brand new sound system. Lots of big beats and bass for your earholes.

From 10-midnight, we will have performances from a trio of artists that I am very happy to have as part of the event.

K-the-I??? will be doing an instrumental set with the Launchpad (he uses it completely different than I do, and the last show I saw him do blew me away),

Jeremy Ellis will be showing off his nimble fingers doing live beats like no one else you’ve seen before. If you’ve ever seen Jel play an MPC, imagine that times 47,698,368… seriously, this guy is incredible.

& last but certainly not least;

Free The Robots will do what he does, which is destroy sh!t. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the most creative piece of music software available, and to see three incredibly talented electronic musicians apply what you’ve learned right before your very eyes.

Live visuals for the entire night will be provided by OICHO Video (anyone who saw the video from Baths performance last month knows how amazing the visuals will be), and did I mention the entire night is free?

Thanks to Dubspot, Ableton, and Novation, we get to share all of this with you for FREE!

August 17th, 2010

Downtown Independent
251 S. Main ST
Los Angeles, CA

FREE / Facebook RSVP

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  • Jimmy D
  • 8/12/2010

Heya, SO I have started using this technique. GREAT! its sounds amazing, but I keep getting an overload on CPU usage!! Using a pretty new Mac Book and a trigger finger and no other programmes running. Any suggestions?