Dubspot Kids & UCreate Music – Free Classes

UCreate MusicDubspot & Radica (a subdivision of Mattel) have teamed up to introduce a new product which we feel is a valuable tool for exposing young people to the basics of beat construction and rhythm-making. UCreate Music is a wonderful new product that is affordable, accessable and educational.

We will be introducing UCreate to the public at Dubspot with free rhythm workshops for kids beneath the age of 10.  These classes will highlight the value of UCreate and present the product in a child-friendly educational environment.

Classes will be schedule soon,
RSVP & Info:  info@dubspot.com or call 212.242.2100

UCreate Music is an easy-to-use digital music making system that allows children create their own songs through assorted loops, beats and rifs that are pre-programmed for easy accessibility. Kids can also record their own voice, add effects, and even share their compositions and download new content via the internet. This affordable machine is the perfect way for children to get an initial exposure to the world of electronic music, not to mention a great replacement for video games! The earlier a child is exposed to creative arts the better, it aids in so many aspects of development that we wont even get into it here, Dubspot fully supports this product, and encourages children to start their musical careers as early as possible!