Dubspot introduces it’s new Full Year Ableton Live 8 Course!

This is our first DubSpot Certification course to be offered! Students will be guided through 3 new levels of Live 8 in addition to the current 3 Modules.  The new advanced modules being added to Levels 1-3 are:

Level 4: Advanced Performance Techniques
Everything you have learned so far… to the next level of abstraction. Students will get exposure to a variety of different performance methods, from DJing applications to using Live on stage with a band. Learn to customize advanced performance layouts, tailored effects racks, and follow actions and Stems, while increasing your mastering of MIDI control. Students will also receive personalized one-on-one instruction during class time to develop their own personal performance strategy.

Level 5: Advanced Analysis & Composition

Examine the patterns inside specific genres of electronic music such as Dubstep and EDM, while learning the techniques utilized by expert composers and remixers. Take apart and analyze the complex arrays of layering, sequencing and automation that sit in the background for the causal listener. Students will receive extensive individual attention from instructors to assist them in composing and completing tracks, and to assist in critical listening and pattern deconstruction.

Level 6: Synthesis, Sound Design, and Mixing

In this module, students delve into the outer reaches of Live’s sound design possibilities using the Sampler and Collision utilities, while learning a variety of additional advanced techniques. This final module maintains a more open-ended structure to foster creativity and artistic independence. Students will receive personalized attention during classes to assist them in completing a piece of music in which they have designed every single sound from scratch.

Coming in September….. Call 212.242.2100 for details

New DubSpot Certificate Program: Levels 1-6  $5,495

Levels 1-3 $2995

Levels 4-6 $2995 ($1995 for students who have or will complete 1-3 by September).