Dubspot Visits Tokyo, Japan! Ableton Live Sampler Workshop w/ Josh Bess +

Earlier this year Dubspot instructor and Ableton Live performance guru Josh Bess headed to Tokyo, Japan to host the first Dubspot International EDU Sessions in Asia. We’re also sending congratulations to Toshinori Miura, who won a free Ableton Live course with Dubspot Online! 

Dubspot International

Dubspot International EDU Sessions – Tokyo, Japan

Earlier this year Dubspot instructor and Ableton Live performance guru Josh Bess headed to Tokyo, Japan to host this Dubspot International EDU Sessions on Ableton Live. During the workshop, Bess lectured on “Manipulating Sounds with Sampler / Creating your own custom synths with sampler / Creating your own personal sound using any sound in the world as oscillator.” He was joined by Satoshi Moriya (Japan) and Atsushi Saito (DJ At) (Japan) for Ableton presentations and then performed live with Echo in May and Atsushi Saito. Here are some notes from his trip. For this workshop we also held a contest to win a free Ableton Live online course! We are happy to announce that Toshinori Miura has won a free Ableton Live course at Dubspot Online! 

Dubspot heads back to Japan for more International EDU Sessions in November. Come meet us in Tokyo and Osaka! 

Dubspot International

Josh Bess Recap – Dubspot EDU Japan

Everybody was super excited to be a part of the first Dubspot night in Japan. There was a lot of interest in the workshop due to many of the people in attendance being familiar with Dubspot’s online content, such as the YouTube videos and tutorials. I have been holding workshops and events in Tokyo throughout the past year and it was a great experience to incorporate Dubspot into the mix. There was definitely a lot of excitement leading up to this event. In the end all expectations were reached. It was an amazing night!

Dubspot International

DJ At opened the workshop with a demonstration of  how to DJ with Ableton Live with information on interfaces, mixers, MIDI controllers and performance. Satoshi then gave an Ableton Push demo which focused on the drum and melody sequencers. Next I gave a demo on Sampler, discussing the similarities between an Sampler and an analog synth’s signal flow, the benefits to sampling/re-sampling to create new sounds, creating sounds for many styles such as bass, pads, leads, and more, for various styles of music. In the end, I put all of these sounds into Drum Racks, and demo’d some real time beat making with them all.

Dubspot International

Following the demos, I started the night off with some live tunes. As we finished the demos, we faded the lights and I began the live set after a Q&A session. Also noting, this event was from 5:00PM – 11:30PM.. people were bound to get hungry, so we had some awesome Japanese food at the event as well, which was cooked and served during the event, Vegetable Tonjiri and Onigiri, super delicious. - Josh Bess 

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