Dubspot International EDU Sessions w/ AIMEC: Brazil (3/6 – 3/15) Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Balneário, Camboriú, Joinville

From March 6th until March 15th, Dubspot will host a series of International EDU Sessions in Brazil! Dubspot instructor and producer/performer Dan Freeman teams up with AIMEC for a series of workshops on electronic music production using Ableton Live 9 and PUSH in 5 Brazilian Cities!  


Dubspot International EDU Sessions Brazil

From March 6th until March 15, 2014, Dubspot and AIMEC (Academia Internacional de Música Eletrônica / International Electronic Music Academy) will host a series of workshops on electronic music production using Ableton Live 9 and PUSH in 5 Brazilian cities. The workshops will be taught by producer, bassist and Dubspot Instructor Dan Freeman (CØm1x), who will also perform live on the Ableton PUSH controller.

“In the past decade the laptop has revolutionized the way music is performed and produced and Ableton has been at the forefront of making the laptop a powerful production and performance tool. The Dubspot International EDU Sessions are great places to learn about this remarkable software and see how guest artists and other attendees are putting it to use.” - Dan Freeman

Brazil EDU Session Dates

March 6th and 7th Campinas ­ São Paulo
Location: AIMEC Campinas - Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 201 ­ Campinas ­ SP
Phone: (19) 3243­0559 / email: campinas@aimec.com.br

March 8th and 9th Curitiba ­ Paraná
Location: AIMEC Curitiba - ­l Rua Brigadeiro Franco, 1700 ­ Curitiba ­ PR
Phone: (41) 3222­6669 / email: aimec@aimec.com.br

March 10th and 11th Balneário Camboriú ­ Santa Catarina
Location: AIMEC Balneário Camboriú - Av Brasil, 2001 ­ Sobreloja ­ Balneário Camboriú ­ SC
Phone: (47) 3363­4627 / email: camboriu@aimec.com.br

March 12th and 13th Joinville ­ Santa Catarina
Location: Arte Maior / AIMEC Joinville ­- Rua Orestes Guimarães, 104 ­ Joinville ­ SC
Phone: (47) 3433­8807 / email: augusto@artemaiorjoinville.com.br

March 14th and 15th Rio de Janeiro ­ Rio de Janeiro
Location: Loop Escola de Som - Rua Aires Saldanha, 92 – Rio de Janeiro ­ RJ
Phone: (21) 3798­1742 / e­mail: contato@loopescoladesom.com.br

Q & A w/ Dan Freeman on EDU Sessions Brazil

Why Brazil?

Dan Freeman: That’s easy. Brazil has the largest population and economy in Latin America – and one the largest in the world. It also has a phenomenal  musical culture. Just like in the US, the mix of African, European and indigenous peoples has created incredibly rich and varied styles both for music and dance.
Now with the economic growth of the past decade in Brazil, the widespread availability of laptops and software, the  club and DJ culture in Brazil and its indigenous musical traditions which already have worldwide appeal, Brazilian electronic musicians, bands, styles and DJs are already making a mark on the global digital music culture. As a new generation comes of age, one that has known laptops and the internet since infancy, Brazil’s influence as a global electronic music hub will only deepen.

What sorts of audiences are these sessions aimed at?

The sessions will be aimed at the same people that Dubspot seeks to reach here in the States: Producers, Artists, DJ’s and people who want to understand the flow and process of producing digital music.

What will you be doing at the events?

We’ll be spending two days going through how to build a track using Ableton Live 9, but focusing on fundamentals that are applicable to any DAW. This will include building beats, creating bass sounds and ideas for bass lines, textures and melodies, tracking vocals and basic mixing as well. Since I’m really into live performance and Brazil has such an incredible level of instrumental musicianship, we’ll also be spending time on techniques for live performance with laptops, from controllers to the PUSH, to integrating laptops with live vocals and instruments. I’ll also be doing a couple of live Acid House/Funk sets on the Ableton PUSH at a couple of venues with local DJs/electronic musicians.

Why are you excited for this project?

I love Brazil.  I lived there for 6 months 15 years ago. My first major gig when I came to NYC right after college was playing bass in the pit orchestra of of the South American tour of the Broadway show ‘Grease’. We were in several Brazilian cities for a month at a time, playing pretty huge venues. I immersed myself in the music  there, learned some Portuguese and spent a lot of time hanging with Brazilian musicians. After the tour ended, I took my earnings and went to live in Rio just so I could study Brazilian musical styles. Since then, I’ve always had a profound respect for Brazil’s musical culture and it’s really great to be going back to establish an artistic relationship between Dubspot and AIMEC.

Dan Freeman (CØm1x) (Dubspot NYC)

Dan Freeman (CØm1x) (Dubspot NYC)

Dan Freeman (CØm1x) is a Brooklyn­based bassist/producer. Originally from Boston, Dan trained as a classical pianist at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School before switching to jazz bass. He graduated from Harvard College and then came to New York to study at the Bass Collective where he studied with John Pattitucci, Matthew Garrison and Richard Bona. As a bassist he has also performed with, among others Angelique Kidjo, the B­52’s and performed in Europe, North and South America in venues from underground Brooklyn loft parties to Carnegie Hall. He was also the keyboardist for RCA Records’ Stellastarr* and the musical director/bassist for Virgin Records’ artist Xavier.

Dan currently is the leader of Comandante Zero (CØ), a digital electro­funk music/art collective from Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2008, they have created a cutting edge multimedia show that melds the latest digital music and art technology with live instruments. They have performed extensively in New York City, LA, London, Berlin and Latin America, including such prestigious festivals/venues such as the Brooklyn Museum (NY), The Brooklyn Academy Of Music (NY), CMJ (New York) Berghain (Berlin) and the House Of Blues (LA). They have also given lectures/demonstrations on integrating live and digital instruments at universities and festivals such as Harvard University (US), the Universidad de Caldas (Colombia) and the Universidad de Santiago (Chile). Their last record (Slouching Towards Babylon, Part 1) was produced and mixed by Grammy­award winning producer/engineer Bob Power.

Dan also mixes and produces under the production name CØm1x. He has a production studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn where he works with artists, remixes and composes for film. Currently he is also creating a live solo Acid House/Funk set using the Ableton PUSH instrument and has made several videos on techniques for using the PUSH in live performance.

Dan is a faculty member at Dubspot in New York City, where he teaches electronic music production and music history. He is also an Ableton Certified Trainer and his specialty is using Ableton Live for live performance, especially with instruments and vocals. In his position as the head of Dubspot International, he has organized, presented and performed at events, festivals and universities worldwide. He also hosts the Dubspot/New York City Ableton User Group.



The AIMEC (Academia Internacional de Música Eletrônica / International Electronic Music Academy) was founded in Curitiba ­ Paraná ­ Brazil and has now opened subsidiaries in Campinas (São Paulo), Florianópolis, Joinville and Balneário Camboriú (Santa Catarina) and Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul). Created in 2004, it is constantly innovating and promoting events like DJ Tournaments, lectures with renowned international musicians and workshops in clubs and festivals. The school also values every student’s artistic freedom and the networking that naturally stems from every group of students.

AIMEC is considered the “Best DJ School” from Brazil, awarded by Rio Music Conference in the last two couple of years (2011 and 2012). On its team, it has the best instructors and professionals from the Brazil; people who have passion for what they do and have the love to share and spread the word and knowledge of electronic music. AIMEC has produced dozens of success stories. Many famous and successful DJs and music producers have been to AIMEC’s classrooms. And thousand of students in the past 10 years have taken AIMEC’s courses.