Dubspot Holiday Dream Gift Guide (24k Gold Moog, Buchla 200e, Slate Raven, TR-808)

Looking for something extra special to give this holiday season? Dubspot’s got you covered with this list of dream gifts for DJs and music producers that range from a 24-karat gold Moog to the Kyma sound design system from Symbolic Sound.

24k Gold Moog Voyager

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of their Minimoog Voyager synthesizer series earlier this year, Moog created a special version of the instrument that has actually been dipped in gold! The 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager has a 24-karat gold finish with a wood housing and high gloss and black piano lacquer. A showpiece to say the least. The above video shows the construction process that went into this limited edition of the Voyager; only 31 of these were made.

Buchla 200e

Buchla creates modular analog synthesizers that are known for their depth of patching capabilities and unique user interface. Depending on the configuration, the 200e series instruments cost in the tens of thousands of dollars and have been championed by artists such as Deadmau5, Trent Reznor, and Richard Devine. In the above video from NAMM 2012, Ezra Buchla (son of company founder, Don Buchla) explains some of the sequencing capabilities of the highly coveted Buchla 200e series modular instrument.


Slate Raven MTX

Steven Slate’s Raven MTX is a unique “Multi-Touch Production System” that combines a multitouch monitor and software with analog circuitry to create a hybrid mixing system with the best of both worlds. The center of the console is a proprietary touchscreen mixer and toolbar that work with most major DAWs. For connectivity you’ll find four speaker outputs, multiple source inputs, 8 cue outputs, a 7.1 module for surround mixing and mastering, and console-top USB ports for thumb drives, dongles and external hard drives.

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

This is the analog drum machine that started it all. From the boom bap beats of “Planet Rock” to the crisp snares that are found on the latest trap records, the TR-808 Rhythm Composer is still providing the sound of today’s electronic pulse, thirty years after it was introduced. The 808 was originally sold as a beat machine for guitarists at a reasonable price of a few hundred dollars. Today they sell for upwards of $3,500 for one in good condition. But most producers agree that nothing can imitate the sound of this legendary machine.

Kyma System from Symbolic Sound

The Kyma sound design system from Symbolic Sound is a graphical signal flow language for creating, modifying, and combining sounds, with control software that runs on Mac or PC. Symbolic Sound has been developing Kyma since the late 80s and it continues to grow and evolve today. One unique feature of the Kyma system is its use of an outboard box full of dedicated audio processing hardware to give it more number crunching power, allowing it to create audio output of stunning clarity and definition. However this is also what makes it expensive compared to a software-only system like Max For Live or Reaktor.

Notable Kyma users from the EDM world include Richard Devine, Kero, Cristian Vogel and Amon Tobin, to name a few. Tobin used Kyma in creating many of the sounds for his ISAM projects. As he explains, he used Kyma “to make playable instruments from field and foley recordings. An audio source is analyzed into its spectral properties using the TAU editor, then assigned various morphing, pitch and timbre properties that react to MIDI CC events.”

What’s on your list this year? Drop a note in our comments and let us know..