Dubspot EDU Sessions @ Moogfest 2014! Analog Synth Workshops w/ James Patrick and Chris Petti

Join Dubspot at Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina from April 23rd – April 27th for 5 days of in-depth analog synthesizer EDU Session workshops.

Dubspot is headed to Asheville, NC! Dubspot looks forward to partnering with Moogfest to present a series of hands-on, outside the box analog synthesizer EDU Sessions. Participants will learn to create new sounds, integrate analog hardware with their DAW and use effects to further shape their analog sounds. These EDU Session workshops will take place on each of Moogfest’s 5 days, with two workshops per day at the Asheville Masonic Temple. Check out the full schedule below along with more information about each workshop. See you soon Asheville!


Dubspot & Moogfest 2014 Schedule:

Wednesday, April 23rd

5-5:50PM – Integrating Max for Live into a Modular, Analog Hardware Setup w/ James Patrick
In this workshop, instructor James Patrick demonstrates how he uses Max for live in conjunction with CV analog control.

6-6:50PM – The Power of One: Creating a Song Using Only One Analog Synth w/ Chris Petti
This workshop will demonstrate the power of analog technology using one Moog synth to make all the sounds for a song.

Thursday, April 24th

5-5:50PM – Moog and Ableton Live’s Sampler collide to offer Polyphony, Phase Modulation, Wavetables and more!
Dubspot instructor James Patrick will teach participants how to use their monophonic Moog synthesizer in conjunction with Ableton Live 9 to inject harmonic and timbral complexity into the classic subtractive world. Explore new sonic territories with these simple yet effective techniques.

6-6:50PM – Distortion: An Analog Synthesizer’s Best Friend w/ Chris Petti
In this workshop, Chris Petti explains how to create sounds using advanced processing techniques with distortion. He will demonstrate techniques using analog distortion, digital distortion and parallel processing.

Friday, April 25th

5-5:50PM – How Overtones & Harmonics Create Musical Sounds w/ James Patrick
James Patrick explains what harmonics are and why humans find them pleasing in this EDU Session. James will demonstrate how our perceptions change via a variety of analog synthesis techniques and uncover many of the mysteries of what we perceive as “musical” sound.

6-6:50PM – The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Analog Synthesizers with Soft-Synths w/Chris Petti
In this workshop, Chris Petti will demonstrate how analog synthesizers can be used simultaneously with virtual plugins and soft synths such as Native Instruments Massive, Razor, Absynth and FM8.

Saturday April 26th

5-5:50PM – Generating & Controlling Randomness in the Modular Environment w/ James Patrick
The modular and CV world lends itself immediately to a greater understanding of not only how sound works, but also how to interact with each stage of the signal flow along the way. Breathing life into each of these stages with subtle bits of modulation can oftentimes be the difference between a calculation and a truly visceral sonic mass. James demonstrates how we can employ a variety of tools (Reaktor, Max for Live, etc) to keep our analog sounds alive and compelling. With CV modulation, there are so many variables and random elements introduced with regard to the way sound is created. In this EDU Session, James Patrick will show participants how to purposefully create randomness and manipulate it in the modular environment.

6-6:50PM – Creative Sampling with Analog Instruments and Devices w/ Chris Petti
In this workshop, Chris Petti will show participants techniques for working creatively with analog instruments along with virtual samplers in a DAW.

Sunday, April 27th

5-5:50PM – Controlling Synthesis Timbre and Tone Using Spectral Processing w/ James Patrick
James Patrick will explain Spectral Delays, Spectral Distortion and Spectral Mixing in this EDU Session. Learn and hear how these techniques can be used to enhance, brighten, widen and shift your tones into fresh directions.

6-6:50PM – Using MIDI and Your DAW to Expland Your Moog Synthesizer w/Chris Petti
This workshop shows participants how to use the MIDI capabilities of your DAW along with a Moog synthesizer to expand its sonic capabilities.