Dubspot Exclusive Video Interview: Dubkasm

In this video interview, Dubspot instructor Emch (Subatomic Sound System, Dub Champions Festival) speaks with pioneers in the dub roots reggae scene, Dubkasm about their collaborative projects, sound system culture, their influences and inspirations, and much more.

While in New York City, Digistep and DJ Stryda of the renowned roots and dub duo Dubkasm stopped by Dubspot for a brief interview with Dubspot instructor Emch about their collaborative projects, history and culture of the sound system scene, their influences and inspirations, how roots music influences today’s modern electronic music, and much more.

Established in 1994, Dubkasm has become one of the top names in roots and dub known for their authentic and innovative sounds. Based in the iconic town of Bristol, UK the duo has an impressive stream of hard-hitting releases on their own independent record label, Sufferah’s Choice Recordings. Seen regularly touring the globe with their unique and explosive live show, Dubkasm has mashed up clubs and festivals performing with some of the scene’s favorite vocalists.

About Dubkasm


Dubkasm is a major part of the international roots and dub movement. Whether performing simply as a duo or collaborating with top vocalists such as Solo Banton, Afrikan Simba, and Rudey, their unique and explosive live show brings heavyweight basslines, inspiring vocals, vintage dub styles, and live instruments. DJ Stryda hosts (listeners will recognize his voice from fifteen years on Bristol’s much-loved Sufferah’s Choice radio show) and selects from his vast collection of vinyl and exclusive dubplates, while Digistep adds vintage dub effects, mystical melodica, and firing saxophone. Formed in 1994 during the emergence of the UK digital dub sound, they are live veterans with loyal fans who bring their experience of playing dances with the best sound systems in the world including Aba Shanti-I and Iration Steppas, and to stages at Glastonbury and Outlook Festival.

World famous for their anthemic release ‘Victory’ which became one of the best-selling vinyl roots release of recent decades (recently remixed by Mala), the duo have also released a stream of hard-hitting plates such as the famous ‘Warrior’ 10-inch that became legendary on Jah Shaka Sound System and the sought-after ‘From the Foundation’ 7-inch featuring none other than Dub Judah. Their debut album ‘Transform I’ combined Brazilian instrumentation with top vocalists from the UK reggae scene such as Levi Roots, Tena Stelin, and Christine Miller. The album was re-pressed twice due to worldwide demand, and it became one of the most popular UK roots albums in years. Always innovators, Dubkasm handed the album over to top Bristol producers Pinch, RSD, and Headhunter for remixing, which brought incredible results that crossed boundaries and expanded their loyal fan-base.


Dubspot Radio Podcast: Dubkasm





0.00 Play with Fire – Only Joe (Dubkasm Remix)
4.06 Respek I-Spek – Dubkasm Ft Levi Roots
7.57 Touch I Heart – Dubkasm Ft Afrikan Simba
12.26 – Babylon is a Trap (Dubplate Special) – Dubkasm Ft Dub Judah
16.03 – Dub Trap – Dubkasm
19.32 – Mash It (Iration Steppas Remix) – Dubkasm (DUBPLATE)
22.48 – Mash It (Solo Banton Special) – Dubkasm
25.52 – Look Who is Laughing – Sizzla (Xterminator 7″)
29.21 – Fattis Dub (Ft Solo Banton) – Dubkasm
33.04 – Elemental (Dubkasm Remix) – Ishan Sound (Dubplate Ft Rudey Lee)
36.16 – Dread (Gorgon Sound Remix) – Kahn (Deep Medi 12″)
40.03 – Dread (Dubkasm Remix Ft Mark Iration) (DUBPLATE)
43.53 – Dread (Dubkasm Remix Dubwise) (DUBPLATE)
47.21 – Victory (Mala Remix) – Dubkasm
51.42 – Jah Victory in Dub (Dubkasm Ft Luciano) (DUBPLATE)
54.40 – Wake up – The Meditations (Third World – LP)


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