Terre Thaemlitz a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles @ Dubspot! Wireless Interview w/ Raz Mesinai

In this episode of Dubspot’s Wireless video interview series, Raz Mesinai speaks with DJ, producer, and dance music icon Terre Thaemlitz a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles.

Terre Thaemlitz a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles is an accomplished musician, public speaker, DJ and producer. He is best known for his unique style of deep house and publicly addressing issues regarding sexuality, gender, and other identity politics.

In this video interview, Terre Thaemlitz talks to Raz Mesinai about his beginning as DJ and activist in late 1980s New York City spinning deep house in nightclubs around the Lower East Side and New Jersey, the inspiration behind his DJ Sprinkles moniker, creating the world’s longest album Soulnessless (32-plus hours of audio and 165 pages of text translated in 10 languages). Furthermore they discuss the current state of online music distribution, promoting “offline digital culture”, fringe media, consumerism, culture jamming, and his work around issues of transgenderism, and migration.

DJ Sprinkles
DJ Sprinkles in Brussels, Belgium, 2009. Photo: Matteo Ruzzon [c/o comatonse recordings]

DJ Sprinkles is the deep house DJ personna of Terre Thaemlitz. Career highlights include winning an “underground grammy” for Best DJ of 1991 during his residency at the notorious New York transsexual sex worker club Sally’s II; a three year residency at Tokyo’s Club Module from 2003-2006; and DJ Sprinkles’ “Midtown 120 Blues” winning Resident Advisor’s Best Album of 2009… and that’s about it. Everything else has been pretty much off radar, which makes sense for the kinds of minor and “underground” dance music featured in his sets. Sprinkles is unconcerned with mass appeal, and focusses on sniper-sets aimed at a long gone generation of angry and depressed queer HIV/AIDS activists unafraid to cry on the dance floor.

DJ Sprinkles doesn’t have a SoundCloud, Facebook, or YouTube account. Please head over to his official website for more.