DJ Shiftee DMC World Championship Video & NEW Turntablism Courses

Dubspot turntablism master DJ Shiftee won the 2009 DMC World DJ Championships, as you all should know.  His world championship routine is online now, conveniently included above.  If you want to see all the action, you can grab the DMC World & US Final DVDs from

He has also just finished updating and expanding our turntablism curriculum: we know offer 6 full tracks dedicated to the art. From baby scratching to beat juggling, this new program will take any DJ, of any skill level, through the fundamental basics of sound technique, to tearing it up on technics with the most advanced scratches around.  All it takes is time, patience, practice, and some courses with Professor DJ Shiftee.

Anyone interested in more information should hit us up through email or call (212) 242-2100.