DJ Shiftee ‘The Golden Years’ DMC Tribute Video – WOW!

Shiftee’s Excellent DMC Adventure

Alright, here it is! Two-time DMC World Champion and Dubspot Instructor DJ Shiftee takes the legendary gold turntables on a time-traveling journey through DMC history. Shiftee’s performance in this video is nothing short of extraordinary. “This video is a tribute to all the incredible DJ Champions from DMC’s glorious history.  I’ve spent countless hours over the years studying masters like Roc Raida, Q-bert, Craze, and A-Trak.  My goal: to one day stand in their shoes.  Literally.”


“One of the most memorable events in DMC history.” – Tony Prince, DMC Founder

““YOU ARE CRAZY!!!! THAT NEW ONE ISSSSS CRAZY!! HAHAHA …. IM STILL LAUGHING!!”  – Craze, 1998/1999/2000 DMC World Champion

“Shiftee killed it, what an original idea. Brings back great memories. But also, the routine is ill! RIP Roc Raida.” – A-Trak, 1997 DMC World Champion

“I love originality, that’s why I love DJ Shiftee and this video.” – Q-Bert, 1992/1993/1994 DMC World Champion

“I haven’t been entertained like this in quite a while.  The styles, personalities, and energy are all there in great detail and accuracy!” – Cutmaster Swift, 1989 DMC World Champion

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DJ Shiftee


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DJ Shiftee “Hot Chip DMC Routine” Tutorial/Breakdown

DJ Shiftee breaks down his routine using Hot Chip’s “Out at the Pictures” as seen in The Golden Years video.

  • Carlos G (Thebes)
  • 10/20/2010

Wow…. that Hot Chip routine…. I’d better stick with my day job. haha big ups great video I could never do that though.