DJ Kiva’s New Album :: Created on PSP w/ Beaterator?!

kiva_btr8ionDJ Kiva has dropped a new mix, with all new, originally composed tracks.  Its ripe for the picking off his SoundCloud page. Its fresh, sounds dope, and produced on a platform you would never expect: a Playstation Portable, and the Beaterator game.

BTR8ION…NYC artist/producer DJ Kiva presents the world’s first album written & produced entirely on the Sony PSP Beaterator. Created while traveling streets, subways, and skies from Brooklyn to LA and laid out mixtape style…Beateration for the Nation!

Game doesn’t really articulate what Beaterator is though.  Beyond the standard, easy to use, intro mode, which features Timbaland being all cool, is actually a fully functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), with production powers far exceeding its size and price.

The size of the PSP allows for a level of portability that producers have never experienced, and the functionality of the program is so comparable to a computer-based piece of software that many of our instructors now use Beaterator as their movable sketch pad.  Some, as in Kiva’s case, have produced full songs and mixes on the platform.

Check it out here!>

BTR8ION, hip hop, dubstep, reggae, broken beat, techno, soul, jazz…

01 Hollywood Starz
02 Situation feat. Channel Earth
03 Keep the Fire Burning
04 C’mon Y’all
05 Satta Massagana*
06 Bring Da Beat Back
07 Center of the Universe
08 Another Kind of Language
09 Mysyde
10 Era Unknown
11 Altitude
12 Back to My Galaxy

all music written, recorded, & produced by DJ Kiva © Adios Babylon 2010 on Sony PSP Beaterator.
* Satta Massagana written & originally recorded by the Abyssinians

Released by: Adios Babylon
Release/catalogue number: ABCD004
Release date: 2010