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We’re moving into Phase 2 of our Student Spotlight DJ Competition!  In this phase, the students and alumni who got back to us with submissions now each have their own post below.  We’ve created a small profile for each with their DJ mix, a little bit of information about them and their Dubspot experiences.

Now it’s up to you to choose the winner!  Check out each student’s page below, listen to the mixes and leave some feedback either by pressing the Facebook Like button, the Re-Tweet button or leaving a comment at the bottom of the post.  The top three students who have the most likes, re-tweets and comments on their page will be reviewed by the Dubspot staff and a final winner will be selected to win a free Dubspot class as well as a spot on the Dubspot Podcast and a slot to DJ at a Dubspot event.  The contest will run until October 15th, at which point we’ll review and choose a winner from the top three.

We hope you enjoy the mixes and please like, re-tweet and comment on your favorites using the buttons and comment form on the student’s posts (feel free to vote for more than one!)  The 3 students who gets the most likes, re-tweets and comments will be reviewed by Dubspot and a winner will be chosen to win a free class!

The DJs:

DJ Jinetic:

      Young Lim is a DJ, graphic designer and an illustrator living in Queens.

DJ Bramble: My collection ranges from Detroit Soul to Brazilian Baile Funk and Avant Garde Jazz and whether I’m mixing on the decks, digging the crates or producing my own, it’s sure to be funky.

DJ Alpha: Charlie Bates is a DJ living in Chelsea. He loves to play Dance Pop, dance covers, and vintage 80s.


Mousseau: Mousseau’s style leans towards a version of Bleepy bloppy Jittery Funk.

Michaelangelo: Michaelangelo prides himself on bringing the best of many genres, past and present with an extensive selection which spans from the late 90’s to today.

Gary J: Gary J is a DJ living in Manhattan.  His style ranges from pure house to electro- and tech- house, dubstep, UK funky, garage and disco.

DJ KO5: Electro House, House, Dirty House, Dutch House, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Drum and Bass, Reggaeton, Trance, Hip Hop, Dubstep

Tommy Tench: Tommy Tench is a DJ and aspiring producer living in Brooklyn.

DJ Lady P: Lady P is a DJ living in the East Village. Her musical offerings are more concerned with the musical conversation of tracks than a certain genre. It’s about telling you a story.

Basil Neil: Basil Neil is a DJ/Producer living in Boston. His styles ranges from Progressive Trance and House Music to Electro and Breaks and everything in between.

DJ Gene Drepan: Gene Drepan is a Dj living on Long Island that has had the opportunity to play from NYC to the Hampton’s.  He plays house.

Skynight: SkyNight (Lily Banhegyesi) is a DJ from New York. She spins mostly house or techno and sometimes trance.

Independent George: DJ SamBamThankYouMa’am was a dj who occupied the body of college student Sam Weinschenk and was also involved in the “baltimore rap” scene.

  • DJ Jinetic
  • 9/14/2010

Thank you all for your support!!

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