DJ Center ‘Everything In Time’ Review & Release Party


Info on the release party is below, plus a ‘making of’ video as well…

It’s not always easy to write a review for something when the subject is someone you’ve known for some time, have great respect for, and someone you consider a good friend.  The balance of your own integrity versus wanting to help a comrade, can be a tight rope to balance.  I’d like to thank my man DJ Center for eliminating that grey area, by creating a masterful collection of tunes for his debut release “Everything in time”.  I was fortunate to witness the process DJ Center went through in creating E.I.T.  The title is very fitting, for the simple fact that he spent a good three years bringing this project to fruition.  When I listen to the album, I can hear the attention to detail, and time invested in it.  It’s a solid, soulful, funky fresh listen from start to finish.  The only button being pushed on my music player is the rewind button.  The album features a host of quality artist and musicians, bubbling on the global scene.  My top shelf picks would be “Center’s Groove” a funky Brazilian style instrumental featuring the smooth trumpet sounds of Maurice Brown, “In a song” featuring smooth, catchy vocals by Ohio native, Middle Child.  Under appreciated Emcee, Oddisee flexes his gift of gab on “Leave the city outside”.  Samia Farah and Zaki Ibrahim add more spice to a flavor filled album on tracks “Tout Passe” and “Yes!”.  The album features 10 tracks in all, if you purchase the cd, you get a bonus track.  Platinum Pied Pipers, Bling 47 frontman, Waajeed puts his eclectic spin on “Tout Passe”.  DJ Center may have created a dilemma for himself.  With such a quality output, I don’t know if myself, and the masses can wait three years for a follow-up.  But hey, if it comes to that, I know it’ll be well worth the wait.  As they say, good things come to those who exercise patience, and “Everything in Time” is a strong testament to Dj Center’s hard work, commitment, and talent.  Do him a favor by taking a little of your valuable time to check out what this dude’s got cooking.  It’s like vitamins for your soul, or as he would probably say…a nice cup of green tea to sooth your soul.

‘Everything is Time’ is available now.

On Friday, April 16th, DJ Center & a special guest will be celebrating the release of “Everything in Time” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.  For full details, on both the album and the party, visit

The Making of “Everything in Time” from DJ Center on Vimeo.