Distal (Embassy / Tectonic / Surefire) @ Dubspot! Wireless Interview w/ Raz Mesinai

In this episode of Dubspot’s Wireless video interview series, Raz Mesinai speaks with Embassy Recordings co-founder, and Tectonic recording artist Distal.

Distal (a.k.a. Michael Rathburn) is a versatile and prolific DJ/producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is co-founder of Embassy Recordings alongside his partner Mite. Since appearing on the electronic music landscape in the mid-2000′s, Distal has released genre-defying singles and EPs on labels such as Grizzly, Seclusiasis, Well Rounded, and his own Embassy imprint. In 2012, Distal released in debut full-length, titled Civiliztion, on UK label Tectonic Recordings. On September 23rd, Tectonic released a new Distal EP titled The Shadow Egg. You can preview tracks from the new EP below.

To learn more about Distal, check out this extensive 2011 interview Dubspot contributor Mike Steyels conducted with excellent photography by Megan Jolly.

[Photo by Megan Jolly]

Distal is an artist that’s never happy without diversity. His music can be as slow as hip hop and moombahton or as fast as dubstep techno and juke. It ranges from the chirpy blue skies of “Android Tourism” to the club hedonism of his “Cranberry Goose” remix. But it’s always got an edge of futurism to it and frequently features a unique sound palette paired with creative songwriting. The producer has always detoured around the most popular sounds of the day, carving out an individualistic niche in the fringes and shadows of varying styles. In his hometown of Atlanta, he preferred electronic music to the omnipresent rap world he grew up around, and now he steers towards juke and deeper bass music rather than the filthy dubstep that recently blew up there and across the world. READ MORE.