DIRTYBIRD Campout 2016 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA

DIRTYBIRD is gearing up to assemble their All-Star Camp Counselors to guide loyal campers for three days of campfire tales, lakeside s’mores, late night dance-offs, and over 50 fun activities at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA Oct 7-9.


DIRTYBIRD is gearing up to assemble their All-Star Camp Counselors of your of your favorite DIRTYBIRD DJs and friends to guide loyal campers for three days of house and techno beats, campfire tales, late night dance-offs, and over 50 fun activities at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA Oct 7-9.

Get an early start and secure your spot to experience a smorgasbord of your favorite camp games and activities hosted by Campout Counselors throughout the three-day festival. Whether you are hamming it up at the talent show with Claude VonStroke, sack racing with Justin Martin, learning archery with J.Phlip or walking the runway in the Summer Camp Fashion show with the whole troop, there will be no shortage of around the clock entertainment for every loyal camper looking to earn an official merit badge.

Counselor Claude VonStroke on DIRTYBIRD Campout 2016

This video lays out Claude VonStroke’s vision for creating an escape for music fans and a lighthearted adventure complete with sun-soaked slip-n-slides, mud-drenched tug-o-war, and booty shaking beats for three days straight. Check out last years activities where campers are throwing water balloons with J.Phlip, shooting arrows with Justin Martin, eating BBQ with Grill$on, fishing with Ardalan, and breaking it down at The Birdhouse stage to the soundtrack of electronic music’s most acclaimed artists.

DIRTYBIRD Soundtrack

Camp DIRTYBIRD unveils the musical magic that will soundtrack this year’s DIRTYBIRD Campout. Campout’s lineup embodies the free-wheeling dancefloor spirit of the DIRTYBIRD label, complete with the wry curveballs that have kept the label on the cutting edge of electronic music for over a decade.

A headlining set from the unpredictably wild yet always hilarious Reggie Watts, an elusive live performance from Paranoid London, the classic house of Jesse Rose, rising talent Sage Armstrong, the iconic SF DJ Galen, Machinedrum’s ghetto house, the simply badass Blondetron, and that’s just getting started. We can’t forget the talents of the ever expanding DIRTYBIRD family that includes Catz n Dogz, Christian Martin, Worthy, J.Phlip, Kill Frenzy, Shiba San, Walker & Royce and more.

Whether it’s catching the sunrise at the late night after-hours or the glow of the setting sun on the mainstage, DIRTYBIRD has again delivered an all-star crew for their campers. Simply put, it’s like the world’s best DJs packed up, headed to Camp, and invited you.

Complete Lineup

Barclay Crenshaw
Billy Kenny
Blondtron (LIVE)
Bruno Furlan
Catz n Dogz
Christian Martin
Claude VonStroke
German Brigante
Green Velvet
Justin Jay and Friends (LIVE)
Justin Martin
Jesse Rose
Kill Frenzy
Mad Zach
Marc Houle (LIVE)
Monty Luke
Paranoid London (LIVE)
Reggie Watts
Sacha Robotti
Sage Armstrong
Shiba San
Tourist (DJ SET)
Walker & Royce
Will Clarke

Tickets Now Available

Visit the DIRTYBIRD Campout website for additional info.


Six Reasons to Experience DIRTYBIRD Campout

As much as the magic of Campout’s musical offerings might bewitch, it wouldn’t be Camp without games and activities. Who can forget the feel of the rope in your hand as you strain in Tug-O-War against Christian Martin, grubbin’ BBQ with Grillson or your knees in the damp grass after ducking a flying sphere from J.Phlip in Dodge Ball! These are Summer Camp Memories never to be forgotten and this year the Camp Counselors will return to hustle those DIRTYBIRD teams harder than ever in the Boat Races, Kickball, and the now-notorious Talent Show. Keep your eyes peeled for more surprise activities to be announced.

Last year DIRTYBIRD transformed the modern day music festival experience into a summer camp roots, creating a vibe that was truly unparalleled. Here are six reasons why the first Dirtybird Campout was unlike any other festival!

1. Endless Exciting Games and Activities


DIRTYBIRD Campout wasn’t just another music festival. It was a full-fledged experience filled to the brim with all of your most cherished summer Campout memories. Campers tried their hands at everything from archery to arts and crafts. Mornings kicked off with serene nature walks and blissed out yoga classes. Nights were filled with s’mores around the campfire and an unforgettable talent show. Campers were randomly divided into Purple, Green, and Yellow teams who then spent the weekend battling each other to take home the title of winning team – congratulations to Purple on taking home the win!

2. No Division among Campers, Counselors, and Artists


We all dream of a festival experience free of division, superiority complexes, and the wishful fantasy of crossing paths with artists whose music has changed our lives. This was our reality at the DIRTYBIRD Campout. The walls dividing Campers from Counselors and Artists were nonexistent as we all participated and co-created in the Campout experience. Playing tug-of-war with Papa Claude and getting down to Eprom’s late night set next to J.Phlip were all but normal occurrences within the Campout. The experience allowed us all to access our common-unity.

3. Unique Never-Before-Seen Sets


What happens when the music doesn’t stop? Late night and early morning sets that leave your jaw hanging open and your body tingling, that’s what. It’s hard to name just a few of the rare and oh-so-delicious after hours sets that occurred at the Campout as they all produced packed stages and smiles from ear to ear. From Eprom and Nosaj Thing delivering doses of late night experimental bass and emotional future beats to the Martin Brothers greeting the sun with a monumental return to their DnB roots – the Late Night Lodge wasn’t playing around.

4. Eclectic Crowd Coming Together to Camp


DIRTYBIRD Campout welcomed a diverse crowd of musical lovers. A multitude of crews came together, all in the name of DIRTYBIRD. From dusty Burning Man camping veterans and Do LaB desert hippies to SF Dirtybird super fans and East Coast booty bass lovers – there was no absence of representation among Campers. The exceptional aspect that rose from the sea of diversity was the way in which everyone truly came together. There was no segregation among groups but rather, an experience in which groups transformed into a collective that to camped, learned, and danced among each other – all brought together by the universal language of good pure music.

5. Grooving Rain or Shine


The Campout saw a plethora of elements throughout the weekend. From the blazing sun and a light breeze to rolling gray clouds and multiple downpours – we soldiered on rain or shine. Whatever the sky decided to give us, we welcomed with open arms. It wasn’t uncommon to spot groups dancing ecstatically in the rain or running through the mud barefoot and giggling. It’s safe to say many of us accessed an inner child we had lost contact with whilst stomping in puddles to our favorite tunes. California needs the rain and we needed the wet wake up call that we’re here to get down and dirty.

6. All the Die Hard DIRTYBIRD’s in One Place


We all know DIRTYBIRD has accrued a cult-like following over the years. The Campout was the first event where this massive family gathered in one place and boy was it a sight to see. Unique DIRTYBIRD paraphernalia filled the crowds – everything from necklaces and clothing to totems and banners. It seemed that no matter which artist took the stage, if the track was DIRTYBIRD, the crowd knew every word, beat, and booty drop. As the Campout came to a close and the Birds gathered on stage for their final farewells they bestowed upon the Campout the ultimate musical gift – dropping everything from OG DIRTYBIRD tracks to never-before-heard remixes of the recent year’s most bangin’ releases. There was never a better time to be a die hard DIRTYBIRD.


About DIRTYBIRD Records

DIRTYBIRD has been dropping basslines and creating smiles on the dance-floor since January 2005. The innovative American house music label has become synonymous with quirky ideas, bass driven funk and a crew of humble characters who like to have fun. The unique sound of the label has helped reshape the landscape of house music and launch the careers of top acts such as Justin Martin, Shiba San, Julio Bashmore, Breach, Eats Everything, Riva Starr and many more. Since 2005, DIRTYBIRD has released over 150 Eps, Albums and Compilations and carved out a niche as a premiere American label and as an international influencer. The label continues to go from strength to strength continually signing new talent while continuing to develop its strong roster of veterans.

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