Dubspot Course: Digital DJing w/ Traktor – Sample Lessons & Preview – DJ Shiftee & DJ Endo

In December, Dubspot introduced a groundbreaking new DJ program, Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2, a three level course that reflect the present landscape DJing with Native Instruments next generation DJ technology, harnessing traditional as well as cutting edge DJ concepts and techniques.  In these two new videos, Dubspot instructors and course designers; DMC world champion and globetrotting DJ/producer Shiftee and Native Instruments DJ product specialist/international soundboy DJ Endo, breakdown the program.

Dubspot’s Digital DJing w/ Traktor: Course Overview – DJ Shiftee & DJ Endo

In the first video, DJ Endo and DJ Shiftee take you through the three levels of Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2 program from the crucial and fundamental DJ skills such as beat-matching and blending two songs to advanced techniques and tricks like applying chained effects, harmonic mixing, and live remixing on the fly. In Level 1, students will get an overview of the technology of DJing and its development from turntables until today, basic navigation and customization of Traktor’s intuitive interface, utilizing it’s internal mixer, learn how to count beats, dropping on the 1, setting cue points, beat-gridding, beat-matching, blending two songs, performance tips, and more. In Level 2, students will learn about song structure, how to count bars, craft seamless mixes that are not just in sync, but in phrase after an understanding of the theory and application of phrase mixing – “dynamic conversation between two songs”. In Level 3, they’ll develop an arsenal of distinct mixing techniques via advanced EQing, effects combination, harmonic mixing, and other techniques.

Dubspot’s Digital DJing w/ Traktor: Course Sample Lessons

In the second video, Dubspot’s talented instructors and course designers DJ Endo and DJ Shiftee, who have a combined DJing experience of 22 years, offer a preview of Dubspot’s groundbreaking Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2. Endo and Shiftee explain and demonstrate how to set accurate beat grid markers and cue points on a track, which is a lesson students will learn in Level 1. They also offer a glimpse of Level 2′s Phrase Mixing lesson in which students learn various song structures and how to blend two songs work and create seamless mixes. Last but not least, Shiftee and Endo go through advanced effects in Traktor Pro 2, which allows you to tweak tracks and apply effects for brilliant  results.

Digital DJing Program w/ Traktor Pro 2

Online classes start the week of July 3rd and NYC on the week of September 12th!

  • Digital DJing w/ Traktor Level 1: Introduction to DJing
  • Digital DJing w/ Traktor Level 2: Phrase Mixing
  • Digital DJing w/ Traktor Level 3: Beyond The Beatmatch

Starting with a historical overview, students will learn the fundamental concepts of the DJ via Traktor’s intuitive interface. They will then begin to delve into the vast array of new possibilities offered by this groundbreaking software, recording their work along the way. Students will leave with finished DJ mixes, a thorough introduction to DJing with Traktor, and a skill set and knowledge base perfect for further development.


  • Dubspot’s complete Digital DJing course load
  • 21 hours of hands-on instruction
  • Additional instructor-supervised lab hours


  • Dubspot’s complete Digital DJing course load
  • 30-40 hours of high quality videos
  • 3 hours of instructor-led chat sessions per week
  • Direct video & audio feedback from instructors

Jason Emsley is an accomplished DJ, electronic music producer, and audio engineer currently based in London. He is currently instructing Dubspot’s Digital DJing with Traktor Level 2, and below is an audio feedback he provided for a student, and student testimonials.

Audio Feedback from Instructor Jason Emsley and DJ Endo +  Student Testimonials

[audio:http://www.dubspot.com/video/Dennis_Parrott_Lesson4.mp3]Jason Emsley giving feedback to Dennis


Thank very much for providing the detailed feedback on my homework this week, I really appreciate it!  I had a few questions regarding your comment on how I let go too early on my main breakdown (I believe you were referring to the Moby “Go” breakdown, which was the first one I had).  You mention that the build up in that particular breakdown falls short of 16 bars…I went through the mix and from my best guesstimate it looks like it starts at 4.2.3 and goes until 6.1.4 (which is about 14 bars)…so what you are saying is that I needed to extend that breakdown (which by that point it had been on the two beat “hey ya” loop for awhile) by two additional bars or 8 beats before I would have cut over to the track in deck B?  

Although I think I’ve answered my own question, I just want to make sure that I’m interpreting your feedback correctly.  On a side note, I had a feeling that something was off with that transition and now I know why.  

Thank you again for all your help!

- Brian

Hmmm. Never had a teacher say “Next time just lie to me”. ROTFLMAO!  Actually I chose that spot in “Bass” because it had the back spin sound! I figured that if my drop wasn’t absolutely dead on (or was deadly boring) I could take advantage of the back spin to “liven” things up. You liked it and a couple of my classmates seemed to like it as well and that gives me a big grin.

And, thanks for your kind comments on my mix this week. I really put a lot of thought into it. I am interested in your comment that you thought that these tracks didn’t fit together. I really sort of thought they did (well, not the dubstep track obviously) but the fact that you felt that I managed to make them work is important to me.  A big part of this is simple confidence. I am much more confident about just trying things out. Prior to this course, I did not have the knowledge or skills (and lacked confidence to try). Working through the coursework helps to build some knowledge and the feedback is helping build the skills and that is helping build the confidence needed to move the needle.

Thanks for your patience, the conversation and the feedback.

- Dennis


This was by far the best feedback I’ve gotten from either course 1 or 2. Thank you very much.

I’ll definitely take another crack at using some EDM tracks to practice my EQ-ing. This probably wasn’t the best genre to use for my first EQ sesh. I jus tlike playing that sort of music.

Yeah at the 3 minute mark I was definitely slowly fading in the lows. Mainly cause like you said these tracks are rich in content, so for me to just bang the low end from one track to the next didn’t appear to work very well (I gave that a couple of tries).

Thanks again!



This is really valuable. Thanks for this feedback Jason.


DJ Endo is a DJ Product Specialist for Native Instruments who has trained DJ gurus such as Grandmaster Flash, Pete Tong, DJ Skribble, DJ Craze, Dubfire, Victor Calderone, Nic Fanciulli, Oliver Huntemann, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, David Morales, Junior Vasquez, Dubfire, Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, JoJo Flores, Sharam, Klever, and Nic Fanciulli among others in Traktor Scratch Pro. Endo is currently a Traktor instructor at Dubspot in Manhatten as well as the tour manager for Dubfire and Nic Fanciulli.
Classically trained at Berklee College of Music, Endo is a teacher of harmonic DJ mixing, and a serious proponent of the Mixed In Key music software.

[audio: http://www.dubspot.com/video/DENNIS_PARROTT_FEEDBACK-MP3.mp3]DJ Endo giving feedback and tips to Dennis

[audio: http://www.dubspot.com/video/LEONARDO_NOGUIRA_FEEDBACK.mp3]DJ Endo giving feedback to student Leonardo

  • dennis parrott
  • 6/24/2011

If you have a desire to really and seriously learn about DJing using Traktor 2, you should pony up the cash and take this course. I am in the online class currently and I will tell you that I have learned a lot.

I have been “mobile DJ” for several years playing parties and weddings, and wanted to grow beyond that “box”. What I have gotten from this course so far is an intense background in the history of DJing and an appreciation of how hard some things are to do manually and a thorough grounding in the fundamentals that must be mastered to grow into a quality DJ.

One thing that the Dubspot “sales literature” does not tell you is that the course tends to be EDM-centric (electronic dance music). This is out of necessity. Accurate beatgrids are a requirement to be able to mix songs in this course. It is difficult to set accurate beatgrids on music played by humans since we tend to “drift”. If you really like EDM, you will be right at home here. If you’re more like me and prefer “human-played” music, well, take this advice and use EDM tracks for the class. You will be able to learn more about the concepts.

One other thing… The original posts about this course talked about the NI Kontrol S4 and controllers in general and their role in this. You really don’t need a controller to take this class. In fact, you don’t need a controller at all to be able to do a good job using Traktor. I was confused by that at first, I thought that the controller was absolutely required and central to this process. It is not. I learned that in this course. Djing isn’t about the hardware, it is about your approach to manipulating the music to produce a quality result.

Seriously, if you want to learn the basics of how to DJ, get in this class.

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  • Endo
  • 6/24/2011

@Dennis – Thanks for your feedback and you have been an excellent student. It was a pleasure having you in our FIRST EVER class! – Endo

  • Elias
  • 6/24/2011

I want to learn how to use traktor s4 along with machin

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