Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro Pt. 2-3: Remixing w/ DJ Shiftee

Dubspot DJ Instructor and DMC World Champion, Shiftee brings his unique blend of turntablism, music technology, and exquisite musical curation to share some fundamental techniques in this three-part video series focusing on Digital DJing with Traktor Pro.

In part two of this three-part video series focusing on Digital DJing with Traktor Pro, Dubspot Instructor, and DMC World Champ DJ Shiftee breaks down his routine from part one and explains how he uses various controls on the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 to create unique compositions. Learn how to use the S4′s Loop Recorder to build up multiple layers of sounds to form new loop combinations used to perform live remixes on the fly. Shiftee also demonstrates how he uses the Dry/Wet feature to mix from his live remix to the original track and how he uses the Undo/Redo feature to remove individual loop layers.

In part three of the series, Shiftee shows us how he uses the S4′s Sample Decks and live inputs to incorporate more complex performance approaches.


DJing with Traktor Program

The definition of DJing has changed dramatically in the last decade. Laptops, controllers, and software have emerged alongside traditional turntables and CDJs, smashing the barrier to entry. In today’s digital age, anyone can become a DJ. To reflect this renaissance, Dubspot has created the DJing with Traktor Program. In both our physical and online schools, students will learn how to DJ entirely with Traktor’s cutting-edge technology. An emphasis will be placed on the concepts of DJing rather than simply learning how to use the software.

About This Program

Starting with a historical overview, students will learn the fundamental concepts of DJing via Traktor’s intuitive interface. They will then delve into the vast array of possibilities offered by this groundbreaking software, presenting their work along the way. Students will leave with finished DJ mixes, a thorough understanding of DJing with Traktor, and a solid skill set ready for further development.

What’s Included

  • DJing with Traktor Level 1: Introduction to DJing
  • DJing with Traktor Level 2: Phrase Mixing
  • DJing with Traktor Level 3: Beyond The Beatmatch

Additional Information

Visit the DJing with Traktor course page for detailed information on this program here.

If you have questions, please call 877.DUBSPOT or send us a message.