Dubspot @ Decibel Festival 2013 Recap! EDU Sessions + Artist Workshops w/ Control Voltage, Olafur Arnalds, Ezra Buchla +

The Dubspot team has returned from Decibel Festival, Seattle’s annual celebration of music and technology, and they’ve brought back words and vision to share from their experiences.   


Decibel Festival in Seattle has annually brought in a diverse lineup of talent from around the globe and this year was no exception. All around the city, major and small venues hosted a variety of record label showcases and artists performing with simple DJ setups to full on live orchestral arrangements and everything in between. One major highlight for Dubspot each year is the Decibel Festival Conference. During this conference, which took place over two days at the Broadway Performance Hall, we hosted our EDU Sessions and had an additional day of workshops in partnership with our friends at Ableton. Check out some photos from our Decibel Festival 2013 highlights and listen to a full live set from DJ/producer Ben Klock below.

On Day one of our Dubspot EDU Sessions, we partnered with our Portland-based friends at Control Voltage to provide a variety of hands on workshops with modular synthesizers and other boutique analog gear. Participants were able to try out a variety of synthesizers and learn more about how they generate sound.


In this photo, Dubspot instructor James Patrick explains modular synthesizer concepts and how control voltage modulation works. He also explained how he incorporates analog gear with his Ableton Live sets for performance.


Curriculum Director Chris Petti demonstrates how to make a track using only the human voice as a sound source.


On the day of Ableton’s workshops, Dubspot’s Dave Cross and Nate Mars moderated a workshop with renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Olafur Arnalds. In this workshop, Olafur along with special guests from his band, demonstrated the way they incorporate traditional acoustic instruments and perform with Ableton Live.


Listen to a song from his brand new album here:

Matt Cellitti demonstrates production techniques in day one of our free two-day Maschine mini-course. People who attended the course learned the basics of drum programming, sequencing, overdubbing, sampling and composition with Maschine.


Here, Ghostly International artist Dauwd explains how he performs with Ableton Live and Push.


Check out an original song from Dauwd here:

In closing, check out this innovative full-lenth DJ set from Ben Klock live at Decibel Festival below and stay tuned for some brand new videos from our festival workshops and panels.