Controlling Traktor w/ Pioneer CDJ2000s Pt 2 – Dubspot Video Tutorial w/ DJ Endo

In our second video on using Pioneer’s new CDJ2000s with Native Instruments’ Traktor, Dubspot instructor DJ Endo shows how to control Traktor’s features directly with the 2000s and take advantage of the new features and possibilities of this powerful combination.

Pioneer’s new CDJ2000 integrates directly with Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software, offering sound output though the CDJ unit itself, MIDI control, and visual feedback through the CDJ screen. In our first video on using the CDJ2000s and Traktor together, Dubspot instructor and Native Instruments product specialist DJ Endo showed us how to set up preferences, update firmware and software, and set up the 2000s.

In this second installment of our two-part series, DJ Endo gives an in-depth analysis of the new advanced HID mode integration between the CDJ2000 units and Traktor and introduces some of the new features and creative possibilities opened up by this powerful hardware/software combination.

Using the CDJ 2000 / CDJ 900 as an advanced HID controller

One of the best new features in Traktor 2.5.1 is the advanced HID functionality with the new Pioneer CDJ 900s and 2000s. Using a CDJ in HID mode is basically like using it as a MIDI controller for Traktor; almost every function on the CDJ works just like it would as if you were playing an actual CD, including instant LED feedback, but instead of controlling CD playback you are controlling the playback of audio files in Traktor instead. If you’re using your CDJ 900 or 2000 to control Traktor in HID mode, you do not need to use the Traktor timecode CDs anymore. All of the deck functions in Traktor are controlled by the CDJ as if the CDJ was a MIDI controller, and the response time is really fast since there is no longer any need for the software to read and convert timecode audio. - DJ Endo

Here are some of the new features available when using the CDJ 2000 and CDJ 900 in advanced HID control mode with the latest Traktor update:

  1. You can now browse on the CDJ and you can scroll through your playlists and tracks directly on the CDJ’s display. While you’re browsing you can see all of your folders and tracks on the CDJ display, along with the folder icons. You can even open and close folders using the CDJ’s rotary encoder, saving you from having to look at the computer screen. While you’re browsing on one CDJ, the other CDJ will match the browser display so the same list will be displayed on both.
  2. You can now see album artwork on the CDJ display while you’re browsing and playing tracks.
  3. You can now view the waveform (stripe) of your track on the CDJ display, so you can see the entire track overview. Also, needle search works now so you can hold the platter and move your finger along the needle search bar to quickly go to a specific part of a track. While you’re playing the track you can see things such as elapsed time, remaining time, current pitch % and current BPM.
  4. You can view all of the hotcues and saved loops of your tracks on the waveform display. Also if you have hotcues set, it will light up the hotcue buttons on the CDJ and you can trigger your cue points directly on the CDJ.
  5. Looping has also been improved. The Loop In / Out buttons now function exactly like the original CDJ behavior, meaning you can set loops, edit them live and even save them. If you have a saved loop (hotloop), the hotcue buttons will light up green indicating it’s a hotloop. You can also erase hotcues by pushing the Rec/Call button and pushing the hotcue you want to delete. The CDJ Cue behavior is also now correct meaning you can set a “floating” hotcue with the “Cue” button on the CDJ, and jump back to the floating hotcue anytime by pressing the Cue button. Also there is now “latched playback” meaning you can play a track by holding cue and pushing the play button. If you trigger a loop in the deck, you will be able to see the loop in the waveform display on the CDJ.
  6. The seeking / search functions have been improved so you can hold the search button to scroll forwards and backwards in the track quickly. You can also hold the search button and move the jog wheel to search even more quickly through the track.
  7. You can now scratch in high resolution with the jog wheels.
  8. There are now autoloops that you can trigger on the CDJ, and you can select the length directly on the CDJ display.
  9. If the “track end warning” is blinking in Traktor, the CDJ will start blinking, telling you that the track is about to end.

For more information on the new integration of Pioneer CDJs and Native Instruments’ Traktor, check out DJ Endo’s previous post that outlines all the features available with this powerful integrated system.

DJ Endo a.k.a. Mike Henderson is a DJ product specialist for Native Instruments and lives in New York City. Listen to his mixes on SoundCloud. Keep up with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2 Program

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NI’s Kontrol F1 + Traktor Pro 2.5 Update – Overview + Video Tutorial w/ DJ Endo

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