Codes + Slow Roast Records “We Get Crazy” Remix Contest! Enter by 1/27

Dubspot DJ instructor and NY based DJ/Producer Codes + Slow Roast Records kick off the New Year with ‘We Get Crazy’ Remix Contest. Enter to win by January 27th.

Codes – “We Get Crazy” Remix Contest

You may know Dubspot DJ instructor Codes from his video tutorials and as a teacher at Dubspot NY. Codes also creates some banging tunes that get released on great labels such as DJ Craze and Kill The Noise’s Slow Roast Records. His most recent creation is an album called Broooklyn Bounce which features the lead single ‘We Get Crazy’ Ft. Janelle Kroll (check the video above).

In celebration of this release, Codes and Slow Roast Records have announced a remix contest for ‘We Get Crazy’ where you can win some great Slow Roast schwag and “a chance to be released on the official Brooklyn Bounce Remix EP along with remixes by Astronomar & Bot, Sluggers, and more!”

‘We Get Crazy’ is a sample of the Brooklyn Bounce sound mixed with Janelle’s soulful vocals Codes has been defining over the last year. ‘Brooklyn Bounce’ is the follow up to Codes’ Salsoul Remix EP on Ultra, the album features high doses of the producer’s favorite influences including Hip Hop, R&B, Jungle and Garage.

How to Enter

1. Grab the stems for ‘We Get Crazy’ from Slow Roast Records or Codes’ Soundcloud.
2. Send an email with the track or track link to:
3. Tweet “I just entered @CodesHouse’s #WeGetCrazy Remix Contest @slowroastrecs”

4. The deadline to submit your remix is Jan. 27, 2015.

For more information on the contest visit the Slow Roast Records website.

Traktor DJ Tutorial: The Stop and Drop Transition w/ Codes

In this DJ video tutorial, Dubspot DJ instructor Codes explains the “stop and drop transition.” This is a useful technique for transitioning between tracks of any genre.

Codes is a Dubspot DJ instructor and NY based DJ/Producer. His ingenious sample manipulation and a decade of experience on the decks has lead to popularity among dance music vets and newcomers alike. For more info check out

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