Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL: Beyond EDM College Tour Recap Video – Dubspot: Partner in Education

Dubspot teamed up with Richie Hawtin and Sennheiser this fall to present CNTRL: Beyond EDM – a series of seminars at colleges across North America addressing the current state of technology, production, performance, and creativity in electronic music. In this video, Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice along with Carl Craig and DJ Sneak discuss the tour and the meaning behind it.

“CNTRL is what America needs right now: an effort to reconnect the electronic dance music movement with its history, without forsaking either innovation or imagination.” Philip Sherburne (

CNTRL College Campus Lecture Tour

Dubspot joined forces with Richie Hawtin and Sennheiser this fall to present a series of seminars at 17 college campuses across North America, aiming to foster dialogue between artists and audience and a deeper understanding of electronic music production, performance, and history. The events particularly focused on the  technological aspects of contemporary electronic dance music, presenting the more futuristic and underground side of the genre. Dubspot’s Barry Cole co-hosted the series of talks as moderators for conversation between audience and performers. Each city also featured various current and cutting-edge producers as guest speakers.

Discovering Electronic & Techno(logy) Based Music

The CNTRL concept emerged from a discussion between Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice, who had each noticed a recent change in electronic music culture in North America. As Hawtin explained in an interview with Philip Sherburne on,”Many of us started to see the new interest in a different type of electronic music, we felt that, okay, at least the doors are opening; at least the term ‘electronic music’ is on the lips of more regular people.” For CNTRL, the two DJs put together a cross-country tour that stopped at college campuses across North America, with Dubspot Sessions seminars aiming to inform and inspire people about technology, music production, live performance, and the business of electronic music, followed by club performances the same evening in each city.

Beyond EDM

“To us, EDM is too narrowly defined in North America right now, and we want to come in there and blow that open,” Hawtin continued in his interview with Sherburne. “There are hundreds of genres and subgenres in electronic music which all kind of fuse and work together to create new subgenres, and it’s time to talk a little more about that. This is our pathway. And we’re trying to keep our pathway a little bit open, not only on a historical level, inviting people like Kevin Saunderson and Carl Craig, but also having Ean Golden involved showing the controllerism side. I’m hesitant to use the word ‘underground,’ but let’s say these are the deeper shades of electronic music. I don’t mean that only musically; these are people we’re bringing along to show the wide scope of this music, not only over the last four or five years, but over the last 20. We hope that resonates in a different way from what’s being talked about.”

CNTRL is all about engaging young North American fans of EDM and showing them the roots of the
music, the history of a global movement and demonstrating what the future of music technology and
performance has the power to become.

CNTRL 2012 kicked off on Monday, October 29 in Buffalo, NY and continued through Sunday, November 18, covering 17 cities including Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Montreal, Detroit, Toronto, Chicago and Minneapolis.