Chrissy Murderbot (Planet Mu, Sleazetone) @ Dubspot: Talks DJing, Influences, Chicago House +

As the landscape for bass music and its practitioners grows ever wider and more fractured in style, producers suddenly find themselves in a genre no-mans land. Such is the case for Chicago-based DJ/producer Chrissy Murderbot, who is a who is a self-described producer of “booty-rave-jungle-house-bass-bashment-ghetto-garage-core.” In this Dubspot-produced video interview Murderbot proves as playful, knowledgeable and hard-working as his alias and bio suggest. Murderbot talks to us about his early introduction to DJing, the Chicago music scene and his relationship to juke, plus offers aspiring DJs a chilly look at the challenges of making it as a producer in a tough market.

Among Murderbot’s earliest claims to fame, and evidence of his deep dance music knowledge is his popular My Year of Mixtapes blog. Dating back to 2009, Murderbot has created a veritable mixtape encyclopedia. Week 31 of his series is titled “NY Garage,” and features a lengthy intro on the New York iteration of Chicago house music at Paradise Garage, lead by house New York house legend Larry Levan. Murderbot’s mix features 22 tracks, and includes the label and date the track was released. Other mixtapes feature overviews of “Classic Ragga Jungle,” “Belgian Rave,” and even a mixtape dedicated to “Weed Songs.”

As Murderbot’s blog has picked up a considerable amount of press, so too has his output of original productions and edits. Snuck into many of his retrospective mixtapes are Chrissy Murderbot re-edits and remixes—an oft-used tactic to test one’s production skills in a safe environment. If My Year of Mixtapes and his own productions aren’t enough, Murderbot has been behind two imprints—the now-defunct Dead Homies, which released mostly jungle records from 2005-2010, as well as his latest Sleazetone Records imprint. The latter has featured work from artists like Kanji Kinetic, Ssion, Monkeysteak, and Murderbot himself.

Chrissy Murderbot – “So Real”

Over the last 6 months or so Murderbot has moved further into the limelight due to his first release for venerable UK label Planet Mu. Titled Women’s Studies, the record traverses the high-tempo, high-energy sounds of Chicago juke and ghetto house. In fact, as Chicago juke has reached an apex of attention, Murderbot’s own interest and support of Chicago juke has made him (fairly or not), more closely related to the sound than his history shows. Murderbot himself has expressed concern about his proportionate rise in attention with that of juke, though listening to his LP for Planet Mu shows a producer who is simply adept in party music. The album features a dynamic collection of MCs and guests, form Rubi Dan and Warrior Queen, to juke master DJ Spinn and Texas R&B vocalist Johnny Moog. The video for “Bussin Down,” the record’s major single featuring DJ Spinn, features Chrissy and Spinn playing a fictitious footworking Super NES game, where players can choose between some of Chicago’s best footworkers. The video is a nice intersection of Murderbot’s playful personality and his desire to honor genre history.

Murderbot’s tireless output doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon, with his latest EP I’m A Asshole which dropped last week on Loose Squares. The EP features unabashed sex jams at a blistering booty-centric pace—further solidifying Murderbot’s commitment to fun. The EP is available to preview below, and hop over to the Loose Squares website to pick up the limited, color vinyl release.

Chrissy Murderbot – “I’m a Asshole” EP [Loose Squares / October 2011] by chrissymurderbot