BT @ Dubspot – iZotope ‘Stutter Edit’ Demo + Workshop Video Recap

Grammy nominated producer and vocal edit extraordinaire Brian Transeau, also known as BT, dropped by Dubspot for a workshop to share some production wisdom and demo his co-creation with iZotope called Stutter Edit. Known for his processed and edited vocal production style, BT holds the Guinness World Record for the most vocal edits in a single song. His single, “Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)”, contained a whopping 6,178 edits vocal edits- all of which were cut by hand.

BT partnered with iZotope, an audio technology research and development company to create Stutter Edit, a unique effects plugin that can be played as an instrument to build advanced rhythmic slicing and edits. Though the Stutter Edit was originally intended for live performance, the plug in has made it’s way into the arsenal of producers, saving them time on chopping up arranging, and processing samples. BT also talks about hearing the Sutter Edit used in a lot of tracks. He’s even recognized a factory preset in a Lady Gaga track!