Bitwig Studio Tutorial Pt. 2 – Working With Multiple Project Files w/ James Bernard

In this second Bitwig Studio video tutorial, Dubspot’s James Bernard explores Bitwig’s ability to open multiple project files simultaneously, and to drag and drop clips between projects.

Now that Bitwig Studio has been officially released, producers and musicians alike are starting to get familiar with its new features and workflow. In this video we will look at Bitwig’s ability to have multiple project files open simultaneously and drag and drop clips between those projects.

One of the most common productivity issues for producers these days is having lots of unfinished song ideas just lying around on the hard drive.

I’m sure that a lot of producers can relate to this scenario:

1:00 AM – That spark of inspiration strikes and you feverishly put together an 8 bar loop of a beat, baseline or melody.

1:30 AM – You stare at the screen… waiting for some sign or message from the muse as to what to do next.

3:30 AM – Hours have passed, and you are stuck. There’s nothing more that you can think of. You save the song and vow to return to it the next day and see if you can work out some more parts.

Weeks later you remember that you never got back to the song, but another song you are working on really could use a bass line. You think, “I could use the one from that idea I had a few weeks ago”.

Bitwig Studio has the ability to have multiple project files open at the same time, and you can drag tracks and clips between projects. What’s really useful is that any device chain of effects or instruments contained in a track, will be copied over to the destination project with the plugins and their settings intact. – James Bernard

Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio is a new and innovative music creation, recording, and performance software that supports all three major computing platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Combining traditional arrangement sequencing with modern performance-oriented clip launching workflows, Bitwig Studio offers a state-of-the-art audio engine under the hood, with full multi-processing support, a unified modulation system, 32/64-bit VST plugin bridging, and VST plugin crash protection.

Bitwig Studio comes with over 50 included devices. Conventional Instruments (Polysynth, FM-4, Organ, Sampler and analog-style Drum Modules) and FX (Delays, Equalizers, Compressors), as well as Container devices (to build parallel instrument or effect chains), Note FX, and Modulator devices (additional controllers like LFOs, envelope followers and step sequencers for modulating any other device). Extend this collection with your favorite VST effects and instruments, and use them side by side with BITWIG STUDIO internal devices.

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