Dubspot Year in Review: Best Music Production Tips Tutorials of 2015

In this music production tips and techniques roundup, we look at some of our most popular and well-received tutorials from this year about music production, sound design, music theory, and more.



Music Foundations Video Tutorial – Chord Theory Part 1: Chord Inversions w/ Max Wild

In this first video of a series on advanced chord theory, Dubspot Instructor and Saxophone innovator Max Wild explains chord inversions and how they can be used to color chord progressions.


Music Foundations Video Tutorial – Chord Theory Part 2: Chord Extensions w/ Max Wild

In this second video of a series on advanced chord theory, Dubspot Instructor and Saxophone innovator Max Wild explains chord voicing and demonstrates practical applications of chords with extensions.


Music Foundations Video Tutorial – Chord Theory Part 3: Chord Voicings w/ Max Wild

In this third video of a series on advanced chord theory, Dubspot Instructor and Saxophone innovator Max Wild demonstrates how to play two types of chord voicings and their inversions to shape harmony.


Music Production Workflow: Organization and Finishing Tracks w/ Daniel Salvaggio


In this music production article Daniel Salvaggio shares his insight into staying organized and explores several methods to help you develop your music production workflow and finish tracks faster.


Making Better Beats w/ Curlup: Hi-Hats


Over the last several years, busy hi-hats have rolled their way into ubiquity, becoming commonplace in songs throughout many popular genres beyond hip hop. In this article, Dubspot’s Dan Salvaggio aka curl up explores several ways to get the most out of our hats with a few simple tips!


Music Theory Tutorial: Modes, Modes, Modes….What Are They Good For?


In his latest exploration of electronic music theory, Dubspot contributor Michael Emenau a.k.a. MNO investigates the concept of musical Modes.


Finding Your Unique Sound w/ Daniel Salvaggio


In this music production article, Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio shares his insight into finding your own unique sound and explores several methods to help you achieve uniqueness in your music.


How Drum Grooves Control The Genre of Music w/ Josh Bess

In this video, Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Bess explores some ideas and techniques from his new book “Electronic Dance Music Grooves.” The book provides insights to help you understand how to build exciting, powerful, and compelling electronic drum grooves. In addition, the book showcases approaches discussed in the Dubspot Music Foundations Level 1, and Ableton Live Production Courses.  


Music Production: Ten Methods for Increasing Productivity in the Studio w/ Curl Up


Have you ever had a session that just didn’t go anywhere? We’ve all been there, and that’s quite alright! It’s all part of the process. However, there are a few things we can do to keep these types of sessions to a minimum or turn ‘em around into something useful. In this article, Dubspot’s Dan Salvaggio (aka Curl Up) explores ten methods for increasing productivity in the studio.


6 Common Pitfalls of Music Production w/ Daniel Salvaggio


In this music production article, Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio shares six helpful approaches to staying on track with your music and overcoming common pitfalls of music production.


Roland TR-8 Tips + Tricks: Dim the Lights, Change Color Scheme +

In this tutorial, we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer!


Dubspot x Sonos Studio Present: Do More Than Just Listen Video Recap

Music Production Tips

Dubspot and Sonos Studio teamed up earlier this year to present “Do More Than Just Listen,” an event that celebrated electronic music culture and technology. In the following video recaps, we highlight an immersive set of workshops called “The Art of Sampling” with Salva, Mike Parvizi, and Mark de-Clive Lowe.


Sonos Studios x Dubspot – We Got the Jazz: Sampling Workshop w/ Mark de Clive-Lowe

In this video recap Dubspot instructor Mark de Clive-Lowe demonstrates how to chop, sequence, and process classic jazz samples from the legendary Blue Note Records catalog to create new beats.


Sound Design Tutorial: Lo-Fi Color – Adding Wooly Cassette Character to Soft Synths w/ Garrett McIndoe


In this sound design tutorial, Dubspot’s Garrett McIndoe shows us how to transform clean soft synth sounds into gritty Lo-Fi goodness with a cheap cassette tape recorder and Ableton Live.


Music Production: Stay Inspired and Conquer Writer’s Block w/ Daniel Salvaggio


In this music production article, Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio shares ten helpful approaches to staying inspired in the studio and overcoming songwriter’s block.


How to Make a Hit: Unsung Heroes Workshop w/ ill.Gates and KJ Sawka

The Illustrious Unsung Heroes duo, ill.Gates and KJ Sawka have combined their music production wizardry and years of experience as established artists to present an extensive workshop that takes you inside their chart-topping Beatport banger ‘Unsung Heroes’. Together, these two Bass Music masters share essential tips, tricks, and production secrets necessary to take your music to the next level.


Dub Champions Festival + Dubspot ‘Dub and Bass’ Workshop w/ Adrian Sherwood + Mad Professor – Video Recap

In this video recap, we present highlights from the ‘Dub and Bass’ workshop with veteran music producers and heavyweight dub luminaries, Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor. Hosted by Emch of Subatomic Sound System.


Music Subreddits: Production, DJ, Sound Design, Music Industry + w/ Daniel Salvaggio

In a recent article, we discussed the interesting, and often informative world of AMA threads on Reddit. Beyond AMAs, Reddit offers a wealth of information in the form of subreddits catering to specific fields of interest. Below Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio explores several music subreddits filled with audio-minded individuals sharing production tips, industry stories, and all kinds of other music-related knowledge.


Modern Methods for Remote Artistic Collaboration w/ DropBox, Splice, Skype +

Meeting and collaborating with like-minded individuals has never been easier. Thanks to the almighty internet, you don’t even need to change out of your pajamas! In this article, Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio shares five methods of collaborating remotely.


Video Recap: Music Placement in Advertising, Film, TV, and Video Games w/ Rob Schustack

In this video recap, licensing expert Rob Schustack and Senior Creative Director of Advertising & Video Games at Primary Wave Music shares his insight about music placement. Learn many valuable tips on how to get your music placed in television, film, advertisements, and video games.


Understanding Music Licensing and Placement in Advertising, TV, and Video Games w/ Rob Schustack


Freelance music supervisor and producer Rob Schustack shares his insight on how music gets placed in TV, film, advertisements, and video games. Drawing from his many years of experience in the industry, he will also explain how ‘Sync’ works and how newer producers can get started submitting music for placement.


Ask Me Anything: Reddit AmA Music Producer Roundup w/ Noisia, araabMUZIK, Deadelus +


Almost a decade ago Reddit became one of the leading sources of content and information worldwide and the “AmA” (or, “ask me anything”) was born. In this article, Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio rounds up ten informative AmA’s from notable music producers.


EDU Summer Sessions

Music Foundations

The best producers, DJs, and musicians in the world strive to be well-rounded. So should you. In Dubspot’s Music Foundations Program, you’ll explore three major aspects of music: rhythmic theory, melodic theory, and critical listening.

Unravel electronic music’s origins, build your chops, learn musical language and theory, and make and play music the way you want.

What’s Included:

  • Music Foundations Level 1: Pads & Rhythmic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 2: Keys & Melodic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 3: Critical Listening

“This course exceeded my expectations. I went through everything I needed to have a solid knowledge of basic music theory.” – Jonathan Crespo, Miami

“MF has been an amazing experience! I didn’t realize I was going to learn so much about electronic music history, something my generation missed.” – Yianno Koumi, United Kingdom

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