The World Famous Beat Junkies @ Dubspot! Legendary DJ / Turntablist Crew Video Interview

The World Famous Beat Junkies stop by Dubspot to discuss their love for turntable music, their evolution as artists over the past two decades, and how forming a group helped them to individually develop their skills. 

The World Famous Beat Junkies (DJ Babu, J Rocc, D-Styles, DJ Shortkut, DJ Rhettmatic, DJ What?!, Mr. Choc, Icy Ice, Curse, Melo-D, and DJ Havik) are a successful DJ crew from Orange County, California who have been rocking stages and competitions for over two decades. In this video, the Beat Junkies talk about their unique performances that incorporate team routines, individual routines, and party-rocking turntable music. They talk about how forming a group helped them to individually develop their skills, they praise modern DJs who use groove riding and song selection to rock a crowd, and they discuss how their art is different as turntablists, who are similar to live musicians and using turntables as instruments to create new music.

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Turntablism Extensive Program

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What’s Included

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  • Turntablism Level 3: Mild | Improvisation & Teamwork
  • Turntablism Level 4: Medium | The Next Level
  • Turntablism Level 5: Hot | Building Routines
  • Turntablism Level 6: Mucho Caliente | The Modern Turntablist

“I love the class, and the content! Shiftee and Endo are very funny, and very clear, so the material is easy and fun to follow! I wish my college teachers were more like these two!” – Leandro Martinez, Chicago IL

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