Beastie Boys’ Adrock on Music Production & Making Beats w/ Reason

Check out this Propellerhead interview with rapper, producer, guitarist, and member of the pioneering hip hop group Beastie Boys Adam “Adrock” Horovitz  in this edition of their impressive Artist Stories series.  Adrock talk about his early beginnings in hardcore punk bands, and how he met his fellow Beasties Mike D and MCA, touring and embracing turntables, mixers, and samplers (and not completely leaving live instruments behind.) He also discussed sampling basics (layering) and the influences ranging from Public Enemy, composing original beats/tunes on the Emu Systems SP-1200 sampler to being introduced to Reason. He also talks about his groups collaborations with legendary producers Rick Rubin and The Dust Brothers.

Propellerhead is generous enough to offer deleted scenes – for fans of the Beasties and music fans in general. Here Adrock talks about how he decided to buy his first drum machine, discovered LL Cool J, and offers his thoughts on the art of sampling current, existing records.

  • The Longfellow Project
  • 9/21/2010

That was a great interview! I’ve been a Beastie fan for almost 16 years and I’ve been making Hip Hop for at least 11 years and with Reason for about 7 years. So I can definitely relate to Adrock here. I love Reason’s interface, much more so than Fruityloops, Ableton, etc. because of the way it emulates a real rack. And of course the sampling with Recycle and NNXT is so easy to do.

Using Reason, I made a free album of beats that sampled Pink Floyd songs and put Beastie Boys acapellas on them. Download Beastie Floyd here:

Just enter “0″ under name your price to download free. There’s a lot of other free music of mine there too.

Also check out my group “The Longfellow Project”

I also use Adobe Audition to record vocals/instruments but like Adrock I’m definitely going to check out “Record”!