Baths Video Interview @ FoF 2-Year Anniversary by Dubspot

Third up for Dubspot’s FoF video recap series is Anticon artist and FoF friend Baths (a.k.a. Will Wiesenfeld). In his conversation with Dubspot instructor Thavius Beck, Baths shares info on his Akai MPD setup, and his excitement at seeing high school friend Groundislava perform for the first time.

Not unlike Wiesenfeld’s childhood friend Groundislava, Baths makes bright, dynamic that evokes both the low-end density of the Los Angeles atmosphere as much as its west coast romanticism. Baths stormed the critical landscape with his 2010 Anticon debut LP Cerulean—an album that brought a level of emotional depth through his soulful voice to an L.A. beat scene community that was disarming, accessible, and ultimately pop. Not unexpectedly, Baths reached an audience that quickly transcended his L.A. base, and has launched him into an international community of fans.

Baths – “Lovely Bloodflow”

The success of Baths’ sound is most apparent on standouts like Cerulean’s “Lovely Bloodflow,” a track that foregrounds Wiesenfeld’s funk and soul-derived vocal stylings with a processed guitar melody that sounds like a Fennesz record made at the beach. It is full-fledged pop material like this that fleshes out Cerulean into a record that stand the test of time, getting spins after heartbreak, celebration, and loss.

Baths – “Maximalist”

Somehow accomplishing this entire range of emotion on the fittingly titled “Maximalist,” where spiritual insights like “what’s love telling me to do right now,” and “it takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence” come between an infectious, Pacific Coast wave of drums and bass, and synths that dive in and out like sea animals.

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