New Novation Launchpad Templates by Aurex = Workflow Options

The Novation Launchpad was an instant hit when it hit the market as an affordable, grid-based physical interface made to control Ableton Live’s clips. Because the interface is highly customizable (download the Launchpad Programmers Reference,) it has recently become a hit with Do-It-Yourselfers who frequent the N.I. message boards – where users create and share templates for different workflow ideas.

While browsing these user-created ideas I stumbled upon the work of an artist/programmer by the name of Aurex who captured my mind with four sequencer templates that he made for the Launchpad. As his site humbly (and minimally) states “Aurex is a minimal techno / elektro artist from Belgium.” But recently his work with the Novation Launchpad may see his future in new avenues of creation. From his website: “The aurex sequencers for the Novation Launchpad are devices and tools to compose, sequence, alter and remix music within Ableton Live.”

Aurex offers four sequencer templates for Ableton Live 8.1.3:

SampleDeck: The SampleDeck is a realtime sampling and remix device for the Novation Launchpad. The SampleDeck also includes a Vinyl simulator (as an effect, not for beatmatching tracks or serious scratching) and an effects section. It uses 2 ‘samplers’ to capture a loop while your song is playing and you have the ability to switch the audio to one of the samplers at any time you want. You can remix and transform everything you want: just a loop, full songs when dj-ing or even a realtime input to remix a live band on the fly.

Troxic: Troxic is a live-orientated drummachine for the Novation Launchpad. It comes in two flavours: an 8 step drummachine with 8 parts (each part with 4 sounds) or a 16 step drummachine with 4 parts (each part with 8 sounds). You also have 6 pads for triggering hits on the fly. Troxic gives you control over 38 samples with the push of a button.
It’s very cool to play around with some different ideas, switch between different sounds, add a live feeling to your beats.

Masher: The Masher is an FX Sequencer / FX Device made with Ableton Live 8 for the Novation Launchpad. Send any track you want to the masher and start cutting, mashing, repeating, looping, … This works great for giving a track an extra boost when playing live or even for mixing/mashing two tracks in an original way. You can sequence 4 different effects and the original track and you have a pad on the LP to flip between the sequenced/effected track and the clear and original track. On top of that you also have 6 master effects and 2 beat repeaters.

The 8 Step: The 8-Step is a melodic stepsequencer for the novation Launchpad. You can alter the pitches for 8 different steps and it includes special functions such as “Complex Mode”, “Chord Mode” and “Live Transpose Triggers”. LED feedback for all functions makes sure you always ‘see’ your sequence. This is a must for experimenting with sounds an melodies.

What you’ll need:
- Aurex sequencer templates
- Ableton Live 8.1.3 (or higher version)
- Novation Launchpad

Michael Walsh is a writer, producer, dj and sound enthusiast living in Los Angeles. Read more of his work at the soundsdefygravity blog.

  • Michael
  • 11/1/2010

Great Work, Respect !!!
New Dimenson with the launchpad now possible.

What about some kind of random Motiv -Phrase-Sequence Generator with modulation via the launchpad (length of motiv, instrument select, pitch bending on- off and range, modulation …) ?

Or Launchpad as a light effect with geometric patterns and colors ?
Maybe a Roland tr like -Drum programming template as used in Grooceboxes ?

Or for notes programming in a scale like the grid of abletons midi clip editor ?

Honor to You
Thanks for uploading your Templates :) love you for your work!

Your Sound is impressive too.

Keep on programming new Templates, your Ideas are Worth a Medal, show that Novation! That would sell the launchpad more times, and it becomes a new istrument (Optimal for Marketing he lauchpad )

Let me know about your finished Templates and other good projects for the launchpad -Thanks a lot !

Namste, Unity- Harmony- Eternity

Bye ;)

  • grrrue
  • 11/1/2010

Impressive work! I had something similar going on once with MidiTranslator. Now i use the Java JDK for MIDI coding.

I wrote a fun little toy for quick & easy creation of animation sequences for the launchpad. It is available as a beta, if you like, check it out:

Greetings, grrrue