Ableton Tutorial: Trap Music Patterns – How to Build an Instrument Rack for Drum Programming Pt 3

In the final installment of his three-part Ableton Live video tutorial on how to create a custom instrument rack for trap music production, Dubspot instructor Adam Partridge a.k.a. DJ/producer Atropolis explores the fundamental rhythm of trap.

Every genre of music has a distinct rhythm that defines the style. Understanding the attributes is the first step to creating any specific type of rhythm. I like to refer to these key rhythmic characters as “anchors”. For example, in trap, the common snare pattern falls on the third down beat of every bar. So I like to set these anchor points first. Once I have that consistant snare pattern, I am free to color in the beat with the kick pattern. Music is all about feeling. Experiment with different grid sizes, and place the kick where ever you feel like it works bests. Make sure the loop is playing while you are doing this. After you complete this step, add the hi-hat pattern. – Adam Partridge

Free Download: Ableton Live Instrument Rack for Trap Beat Programming

Download Atropolis’ Ableton Live template that he uses in the tutorial video above.

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Adam Partridge a.k.a. Atropolis is a DJ, producer, and electronic music production instructor currently living in New York City. Listen to his productions and DJ sets on SoundCloud, and keep up with him on Twitter and Facebook.