Ableton Tutorial: Trap Music Patterns – How to Build an Instrument Rack for Drum Programming Pt 2

In this new three-part Ableton Live video tutorial on how to create a custom instrument rack for trap music production, Dubspot instructor Adam Partridge a.k.a. DJ/producer Atropolis shows how to build an advanced instrument rack in Live using Sampler, a Drum Rack, and Live’s Arpeggiator.

A Live Instrument Rack is a powerful tool for creating custom devices such as big synths, pads, leads, and drum kits. In part two of this tutorial, we are going to look at trap hi-hat patterns and we’re going to create some variations combining a drum rack, sampler, the arpeggiator MIDI FX, and macro controls.  The arpeggiator will allow you get those fast to slow hi-hat patterns by automating the rate, which could be a faster work flow than programing these patterns via piano roll. – Adam Partridge

Free Download: Ableton Live Instrument Rack for Trap Beat Programming

Download Atropolis’ Ableton Live template that he uses in the tutorial video above.

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Adam Partridge a.k.a. Atropolis is a DJ, producer, and electronic music production instructor currently living in New York City. Listen to his productions and DJ sets on SoundCloud, and keep up with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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