Anenon Video Interview @ FoF 2-Year Anniversary by Dubspot

Last up in Dubspot’s Friends of Friends video recap series is Anenon (a.k.a. Brian Allen Simon), founder of Los Angeles label/collective Non Projects, and saxophonist, beat maker extraordinaire. He talks to Dubspot’s Professor Nalepa about his live setup with Max MSP and nanoKONTROL, as well as his upcoming hardware only full-length. Anenon has done remix work for L.A. producer Take, Ana Caravelle, and even appeared on Gilles Peterson’s compilation Brownswood Electr*c 2.

Anenon sets himself a part from the rest of Friends of Friends Anniversary bill with a decidedly more interior, textured sound. With his jazz influences clearly in tow, Anenon’s sound is defined by space as much it is defined by his attention to percussion. While many FoF artists like to fill space with heavy low-end and scattered, tightly wound drums, Anenon is content unfolding his soundscapes with a level of patience that allows his attention to detail to marinate.

Shifts by anenon

On his track “Shifts” for Peterson’s Brownswood imprint, Anenon laces an easy 4/4 beat with twinkling synth arpeggios, easy-going claps, and subtle percussive rustles, before dropping a bassline melody that manages to play both lead and supporting roles with little effort. The play on movement and stillness in this track is a testament to Anenon’s maturity as a producer, resulting in a balance of sonic elements that doesn’t allow for any one to overpower, or overshadow.

Anenon – “AREYOUFOREAL” (Wannabe) by nonprojects

Anenon’s breadth continues on his bootleg remix of Spice Girls’ “Wannabe,” for the first Friends of Friends Pop Massacre compilation, which, if you remember the original, will leave you speechless while you listen to Anenon’s transformation. Essentially turning the girl group’s vocals into indecipherable harmonic slivers, he creates a complex layering of each sliver, before offering some reprieve when he lets a few recognizable lines play out at the very end. “So you can handle my love? Are you for real?” This threat comes as an exercise in thrown expectations ends, where Anenon subverted the satisfaction of identification by being withholding, and then asked whether or not you, the listener, could handle it.

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