Andy C (RAM Records) Talks Influences, Inspiration, Jungle, Drum and Bass – Dubspot Video Interview

Dubspot catches up with pioneering drum and bass DJ/Producer and founder of RAM Records, Andy C at Detroit’s Movement Festival earlier this year to talk about the constantly shifting electronic music landscape, his love for dnb, DJing around the world, music technology, influences, inspirations and much more!

“The bass permeates all music these days. It’s a raw human instinct to feel that bass.” – Andy C

Andy C (a.k.a. Andrew Clark) is considered a pioneering force in the drum and bass genre. As one of the most recognizable DJs in the world of drum and bass and jungle, Andy C well respected across the the electronic music spectrum. He began his career in the early 1990s UK rave scene alongside London-based DJ/producer Scott Bourne, better known as, Red One. Andy honed his skills programming and sampling drum breaks, and working with family friend Ant Miles; the pair would go on to record as Origin Unknown, producing original drum and bass classics as well as remixes.

Andy C also established RAM Records in 1992 alongside Ant Miles. The label’s first release was Andy C’s solo debut The Sour Mash EP. Today, RAM is home to a number of successful electronic music artists including Chase & Status, Red One, DC Breaks, and Sub Focus.

In this video interview conducted at Movement Festival 2013 in Detroit, Andy C talks about the constantly shifting electronic music landscape, his unrelenting love for drum and bass music, early influences and inspirations which includes everything from 1980s UK pirate radio to hardcore and experimental electronic music acts like Meat Beat Manifesto and Shut Up and Dance, and DJing around the globe using Traktor with turntables.


In the world of electronic music, there are few bigger names than that of Andy C.

Regarded as one of the greatest DJs ever to touch a turntable, the Ram Records founder has relentlessly dedicated almost two decades of his life to the music he loves, flying across the globe week in, week out, to demonstrate a mastery of craft that has earnt him a status as one of the most iconic and important figures in global dance music culture.

Much more than just a DJ, Andy C is a true figurehead for the drum & bass movement, within which he has been an instrumental player since its very beginnings; his DJ sets and own seminal productions helping to evolve the genre through the many stages of its evolution. Andy’s dedication to dance music is only matched by his list of achievements, and his is a journey that has taken him from sneaking into raves in barns as a 13 year old, to the glamorous terraces of Space in Ibiza and being invited to speak at Oxford University.

Growing up in Hornchurch, Essex, the young Andrew Clarke got his first taste of the rave culture that was sweeping the UK in the late-1980s from his older sister, Sarah. At just 12 years of age, Andy would obsessively educate himself by listening to her rave tapes and local pirate radio, eagerly absorbing the sounds of the nascent rave scene and desperate to become involved in its rapidly emerging culture.