Ancient Astronauts in America :: Kabanjak ‘Dub To Go’ Mix

Ancient Astronauts are coming to the United States, and their first stop is New York City! The retro-futurist duo from Cologne, Germany (via outer space!) are playing gigs and festivals in NYC, DC, Georgia, Chicago’s Lollapalooza, and Virginia’s Mustock Festival.


July 29th – Stay – New York, NYC
July 30th – MuStock Festival – Lignum, Virginia
August 1st – Eighteenth Street Lounge – Washington, DC
August 5th – Darkroom Chicago, Illinois
August 6th – Lollapalooza Festival – Chicago, Illinois

Kabanjak and Dogu are also stopping by Dubspot for a live mix/performance on Dubspot Radio. Kabanjak‘s debut solo album Tree of Mystery will be released later this Fall by ESL Music. Check out this recent remix.

Kabanjak – Dub To Go (Gritty Drum Mix) by Switchstance Recordings