Ableton Tutorials Week 6: Repitch Warp Mode + Resampling Windchimes

In this week’s tutorial, Dubspot Instructor and Ableton expert Professor Nalepa gets inspired by a wedding present from Aunt Jade, a set of rainbow butterfly windchimes. Using the Repitch Warp Mode, he explores how you can take a recording and play it back at 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 speed to get interesting variations of the original recording.  He also explains how you can set Locator Points in the Arrangement View and then map them to keys on the typing keyboard or keys/pads on a MIDI controller, giving you the ability to trigger video in live. By setting the video window full screen out on a second monitor, this allows you to use Ableton for dynamic live audiovisual performances.

Listen to “Aunt Jade’s Butterfly Windchimes” by Steve Nalepa below. Also check him out on SoundCloud for more of his original productions and refixes!

Aunt Jade’s Butterfly Windchimes by Nalepa

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Working together with Dubspot, we have created an online Ableton Live curriculum designed to take you through the complete process of finding your own unique style and creating a body of work – learning Ableton inside and out! (inspired by my advanced classes I teach at Chapman University Conservatory of Music). The goal: to become a well rounded producer. I am thrilled with how it has turned out, Dubspot’s talented Pat Cupo created the videos for the online class, taking my course design and actualizing it in a brilliant way. The weekly video tutorials will supplement this great course.

Steve Nalepa is an LA-based producer, professor, Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Live expert. He’s produced tracks and collaborated with everyone from legends like Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders to rising electronic music artists Nosaj Thing and The Glitch Mob.

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  • AfroDjMac
  • 3/4/2011

Awesome Steve, very inspiring. I know the resampling technique described here will record the audio, but is there any way to record the corresponding video? It’d be pretty rad to be able to do video editing by triggering video clips much the way audio clips are triggered. Thanks.

  • Ableton Live @ Dubspot: Video Tutorial Series Pt 1 – Production Tips from Professor Nalepa « Music Lessons « MUSIC LESSONS
  • 3/4/2011

[...] his week 6 Ableton Live tutorial tutorial, Nalepa gets inspired by a wedding present from Aunt Jade, a set of rainbow butterfly windchimes. [...]