Ableton Live Tutorial: Working with White Noise + FREE Instrument Rack w/ Rory PQ

In this tutorial, Dubspot writer Rory PQ shares his insight about white noise and explores a few creative ways white noise can be used in your projects. Included is a FREE Ableton Live Instrument Rack download. Learn more about our Ableton Live course offerings and Enroll Today!

white noise

White Noise… More than Just TV Static

One of the most essential sounds used in electronic music production is white noise. This diverse sound can be used to create or enhance sounds, build or release tension, add energy, or can even be used as a mixing tool.

In this article we will talk about white noise and look at a few creative ways white noise can be used in your projects. In addition, we included a FREE Ableton Live Instrument Rack designed to generate and process white noise using various built-in audio effects capable of producing unique noise sounds for various uses.

White Noise Instrument Rack

White Noiser Example Sounds

White Noise Sweep

White Noise Drone

Download the Ableton Live White Noiser Instrument Rack for free by filling out the form below. Includes the White Noise Effects Project.

There are two versions:

• Live Suite – Uses Live’s Analog to generate white noise
• Live Standard – Uses Live’s Simpler with a white noise sample loaded

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What is White Noise?

Audible white noise is a complex signal that covers every frequency within the range of human hearing in equal amounts of intensity. This range is generally from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Although the frequencies are produced with equal intensity, it’s common to perceive this sound as having more high-frequency content than low. This is because the human hearing is not as sensitive at lower frequencies as it is at higher frequencies. In addition, white noise does not have a pitch. This is because every frequency is being generated simultaneously. The generated white noise will sound the same no matter what note you play. However, you can manually apply pitch using various pitch devices or third-party plugins.

White Noise

Types of Noise

There are various colors used to describe the different types of noise. There are White, Pink, Brown, Violet, Grey, and several others. The most common types of noise used in music production are White and Pink. Pink noise is similar to white noise except that the lower frequencies are empathized to compensate for the unnatural brightness of higher frequencies.

White Noise Example

Pink Noise Example

Generating White Noise in Ableton Live

White noise can be generated in Ableton Live using Operator, Analog, Vocoder, or any other third-party instrument that has a noise generator. In addition, you can use Simpler or Sampler to playback white noise samples.


Creative Possibilities

There are numerous approaches to using white noise in music production. Most commonly, white noise is used to create transitions and sound effects, drum sounds, atmospheres, drones, and soundscapes. It’s used extensively in sound design and synthesis as well. It also excels at adding presence to sounds, grit and distortion-like warmth, and filling out a mix by adding an almost subconscious level of depth that helps glue groups of sounds together.

White noise is a crucial element in music production. Its safe to say nearly every tune you hear these days has dash of white noise. To learn more about how to create many of these sounds check out the Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program. In Level 4 you will learn to expand your sonic repertoire and music making abilities with advanced synthesis concepts and techniques.

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