Ableton Live 9 Tutorial: New MIDI Editing Features / Tips – Reverse, Stretch, Transpose Any Clip!

In this tutorial, Dubspot instructor and course designer Evan Sutton shares some of the new and improved MIDI editing tools in Ableton Live 9, including new controls that let you reverse, stretch, transpose, speed up or slow down MIDI notes!

The new MIDI editing tools included in Ableton Live 9 offer us handy ways to modify and reinvent the harmonic and rhythmic content of any MIDI clip, whether it’s a melody, chord progression or drum pattern. These new MIDI editing features are a welcome addition, as programs such as Logic and Cubase have had similar features for quite a while now. They truly help an Ableton Live user take lemons and make lemonade! – Evan Sutton

Evan Sutton a.k.a. Astrolith is an electronic music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer living in New York. Evan teaches sound design and music production at Dubspot NYC and helped develop the school’s Sound Design program. You can hear Evan’s music and find out more about him at and

From the studio to the stage, learn to use Ableton Live to create, record, produce, and perform your music. Learn about linear and improvisational styles of producing electronic music as we help you master the software’s innovative interface.

After completing this program, you will leave with four completed tracks (an EP), a remix entered in an active contest, a scored commercial to widen your scope, and the Dubspot Producer’s Certificate in Ableton Live.

Start Dates and Times for Music Production w/ Ableton Live

What’s Included:

  • Ableton Live Level 1: Shake Hands with Live
  • Ableton Live Level 2: Completing Your First Track
  • Ableton Live Level 3: Production Essentials
  • Ableton Live Level 4: Sound Design & Instrumentation
  • Ableton Live Level 5: Advanced Composition & Production
  • Ableton Live Level 6: Taking Your EP Global

“I summarize my experience at Dubspot as an adventure! I learned the equipment and the mentality. Ableton is now my playground, and I owe it all to Dubspot.” – Peter Ardent

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