5 Max for Live Devices for Ableton Push: Oktopush, Omnipush, Spektro, Push Pong, Time & Timbre

In this Max for Live roundup, Dubspot contributor and Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Spoon introduces five Max for Live devices that expand the capabilities of the Ableton Push controller.


In a previous article found HERE I introduced five Max for Live devices that expand the capabilities of the Ableton Push controller. Since then Max for Live devices have evolved and they currently offer even more capabilities to override the standard features of Push. In this second round up, I’ll show you five additional Max for Live devices that Push the envelope for Ableton control.


Oktopush by Isotonik Studios released a Max for Live DJ template for Ableton Push, similar to their version for the APC40. This Max for Live suit provides a complete DJ setup for Push right out of the box. Oktopush includes all of the great DJ style effects you would expect from Isotonik. Push’s encoders control the rate of an effect while the Track Select Buttons enable and disable effects. My favorite effect is the Lo and Hi Pass Filter, which is controlled by the Push Touch Strip. In addition, you can toggle on/off Oktopush to have easy access to Push’s standard features and free up the User Mode for mapping additional parameters. If you’re looking to DJ with Push, Oktopush is a worthy choice for around $30. Pick up a copy HERE.


Spektro PS-8 1.1 by IcaroFerre is a unique analog-style sequencer inspired by Korg SQ-10 and Moog 960 Sequential Controller. The Push encoders allow you to change the pitch of notes and velocity of the eight steps. The pads are used to control note on/off, loop start, shuffle amount, gate length, and loop direction, referred to as Mode. Spektro PS-8 provides great visual feedback and is relatively easy to use, giving you the freedom to have fun and focus on your performance. Download Spektro PS-8 for free HERE.


OmniPush 1.1 by walrusmuse is a Max for Live device inspired by the Suzuki Omnichord. It opens up the ability to “strum” a glissando of notes using the Push Touch Strip. There are two modes to choose from, “Freehand” and “Scale” mode.

Freehand mode allows you to strum multiple octaves with the Touch Strip with one hand while playing a chord with your other hand on the pads. When using the Freehand mode make sure you also set the key you are playing in. Scale mode doesn’t use the pads and focuses only on strumming with the Touch Strip. In addition, you can tap or slide your finger to trigger notes, as well as set note boundaries, add fifths, and adjust velocity. I find it works very nicely with synth strings. Get your strum on and download OmniPush 1.1 for free HERE.


Push Pong by  Mark Towers is a Max for Live generative sequencer inspired by Batuhan Bozkurt’s Otomata Generative Musical Sequencer. Notes are generated when pushing any of the pads on Push. A rectangle will start to move either vertically or horizontally, creating a note when hitting the boundaries of the Push pads. The fun starts when additional rectangles are generated when pressing any of the pads on the 8×8 grid.

Push Pong gives you many options to create a unique generative experience. You can change the notes that are generated on the boundaries, set either a “Global” or “Cell” mode to change velocity, note length, chance of cells bouncing, and the rectangle’s travel direction. Push Pong is also available to download free HERE.


TIME & TIMBRE by Skinnerbox is a Max for Live modular drum machine and time engine. The TIME section is a six­ voice polyrhythmic and polymetric sequencer. This device lets you easily make and chain together patterns, add accents and rolls to individual steps. It has the ability to define sequence length and beat divisions freely and independently for each of its six channels. TIME is also capable of applying swing to any of notes, not just ones that fit a standard 4/4 mold, providing a unique feel. There are four LFO’s available to map to any parameter located on TIME & TIMBRE device, or any parameter in Live that will oscillate with Time’s swing.

TIMBRE consists of five drum synthesis modules that provide a great range of drum sounds. It is feature rich, allowing complete control of any drum elements. This drum synth can also be randomized in a few ways, or modulated using any of the four LFO’s. This powerhouse device truly gives you the freedom and ability to make unique sounds very quickly. Best of all you can access a lot of the features on Push, and the step sequencer works similarly to the standard one with a few clever quick sequencing options. One of my favorite features is “Morph Master Mike.” You can also use the top and bottom points of the Touch Strip to create parameter snapshots, and then morph between the two. TIME & TIMBRE has been very fun to use! Grab this double treat for $69 on Ableton’s site HERE.

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