Ableton NYC User Group :: Chris Willits :: 3.31

03,09_willits_nyc_ugChristopher Willits will be hosting an Ableton User Group meeting at Dubspot on Wednesday, March 31st, from 9:15pm to 10:45pm.  Like another presenter this month (Thavius Beck), he has worked with us on past workshop tour stops in San Francisco, L.A., and Austin, and we are happy to have him talk again.

During his workshop, Chris will focused on Max For Live, while also discussing his personally developed signal processing methods in Ableton, and working with his Monome controller.

Chris uses Ableton in the studio and during all his live performances; the products of both settings are a testament to his musical talent and qualifications for hosting this meeting…  Eloquent experimental compositions of striking attention to detail and attuned emotional content.

Anyone interested in attending should send an RSVP in case it fills up.  Just email “” and note “Willits User Group” in the subject.

Here is some more info on Chris from his website:

Christopher Willits has been instrumental in redefining the guitar in the digital age. Using custom-built software, Willits morphs his guitar playing into warm folded rhythms of texture and melody. Named “the center cell of a complex indie rock-avant-garde-electronic art Venn diagram in the Bay Area” (San Francisco Bay Guardian), and “The Picasso of Sound” (Tokafi Magazine), Willits defies genre distinctions while still defining a sound of his own. His guitar lines fold and weave into each other creating complex patterns of interlocking rhythm, melody, and texture.

With over 15 music releases over the last 7 years, Willits’s passion is obvious. Every release sees Willits taking chances and expanding his creative vision. In addition to his solo work, a vast range of music collaborations, sound installations, and film/video projects compel him. His band project Flossin involves Zach Hill, Kid606, Nate Boyce, and Matmos, The North Valley Subconscious Orchestra is Willits and Brad Laner, formerly of Medicine. Other frequent collaborators include Scott Pagano, Taylor Deupree, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Willits’ numerous releases and collaborative projects cover a broad spectrum of musical styles, and include one main commonality: Willits’ unique approach to the guitar and sound.

Willits completed his Master’s Degree in Electronic Music at Mills College where he studied with Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. At Mills he explored structure-generating processes in music; a focus not unfamiliar to former Mills affiliates John Cage and Steve Reich. Prior to Mills, Willits focused on painting, video art, sound art and music at the Kansas City Art Institute.

In addition to all of this, Willits is a director at Sound Arts and Founder / Director of the community of artists, releases, events, and sharing at

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