Ableton Live 9 Power! Updated w/ Push, Max for Live + by Jon Margulies (Hobo Technologies / Tiny Machines)

Ableton Live guru (and former Dubspot curriculum director) Jon Margulies is back with a new, updated version of Ableton Live 9 Power! and website that delivers new information on Push, Max for Live devices, and more!

Jon Margulies, one of the original designers of Dubspot’s Ableton Live classroom curriculum and the author of several books on the production software, just released his new book Ableton Live 9 Power! A lifelong professional musician and computer wizard, Margulies has an articulate writing style with a strong focus on fundamentals and a no-nonsense attitude about technology. His work shows that he enjoys sharing his knowledge as much as he enjoys making music and performing as “Hobotech” at festivals such as Coachella, SXSW, Winter Music Conference, and Burning Man.

The comprehensive, 400-page guide to Ableton Live 9 contains all the latest information on Live’s updated workflow and features. It also includes a broad array of tips and practical techniques for users at every level, along with sections on Push and some of the new Max for Live devices.

The book is available through all major retailers and Margulies’ new site, Hobo Technologies, which features tips for Live, free downloads to accompany the book and his original 365 Live Tips. Book purchases made on the Hobo Technologies website will include access to exclusive downloads, a limited edition Hobo Technologies sticker and a free EP download. The downloads for Live 9 Power! include more than 150MB of samples from Loopmasters and a 15% discount code for your next purchase from

The Hobo Technologies website content is tightly integrated with the book release, Margulies said, and will continue to be.

“Just as the book was getting ready to go to the printer, Ableton added a new preference that significantly changed how the program behaved in certain instances,” he said. “I was able to squeeze in a note at the last minute, but I realized this would keep happening…so I decided to create a special area on the site to add clarifications and corrections as Live 9 evolves.” Margulies said the additional revisions on Hobo Technologies will refer back to the book and its page numbers.

In addition, Margulies is also reviving his Live Tips blog and recently wrote a post about a simple Push “hack.” “I knew the issue of step sequencing melodic parts on Push was something that would be solved a hundred different ways with Max for Live whizbangery,” he said,  ”but I wanted to demonstrate how there’s a simple off-the-shelf solution as well.” To keep up with the latest tips and updates, Jon suggests that people follow him on Twitter at @jonmargulies.

While writing the book, he also managed to keep writing and releasing music. He recently released remixes for Govinda and Mr. Jennings, and has a new single “Kassie Jones” coming out on Substruk in late June or early July. His electropop band Tiny Machines will also be releasing a new album this year.