‘Did you Know?’ Pt 7 – Ableton Live Tips: Browser Shortcuts – Locate Files + Folders Quickly

In our new Ableton Live video tutorial series, ‘Did You Know?’, Ableton Certified Trainer, Dubspot Instructor, and electronic musician Thavius Beck checks out less explored and slightly hidden features in Live. In the latest edition of Did You Know?, Thavius shares an excellent tip for browsing and locating files on your hard drive(s) without leaving Live’s interface. Simply using the three folders in the upper left side of your interface as shortcuts, you will enhance your workflow, efficiency, and focus when creating.

*Disclaimer* This tip is something that the majority of self-proclaimed “Pro” Ableton Live users should already know, but it has surprised me how many people I’ve taught that didn’t know what I am about to show you.  If you are new to Live and trying to find tips to enhance your workflow, this will greatly benefit you.  That is the end of my disclaimer.  Thank you, and goodnight.  Oh wait…

Did you know that Live has 3 “folders” that can be used as shortcuts to any location on your hard drive(s)?

If you look on the left side of the screen you’ll see there are 7 buttons under the TAP (tempo) button.  These take you to different locations within Live’s browser (with the exception of the first button, which hides or reveals the browser).

You’ll notice 3 folders numbered 1-3. These folders are shortcuts to different locations on your hard drive(s), and can have their default location set to where ever you like. Once you select one of the folders, you will be able to see it’s current shortcut location in the grey title bar at the top of the browser, and all of the content within that location in the browser itself (folders and files).

To change the location of the current shortcut, simply click on the grey title bar of the browser.  At this point,  you can now browse different locations on your computer without leaving Live’s interface.  If you want a hard drive, your desktop, or Live’s Library to be the default shortcut for that “folder”, simply select it from the drop down menu and you’ll notice the browsers title bar will change to the name of that location.

However, if you want a specific folder to be the default shortcut (maybe a folder full of drum sounds, or commonly used samples, etc.), simply double-click on that folder within Live’s browser, and now you will see the name of that folder in the title bar.

That’s it.  Now, anytime you point to that particular shortcut “folder”, it will take you the location you just set.

One of my favorite things about Live is how it immediately enhanced my workflow.  Knowing that I can access pretty much everything I need in terms of content right in Ableton Live’s user interface means that I spend less time looking for files and more time using them to be creative. – Thavius Beck

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