‘Did you Know?’ Ableton Live Tips w/ Thavius Beck Pt 2: Editing The Info View

In our new Ableton Live video tutorial series “Did You Know?”, Ableton Certified Trainer, Dubspot Instructor, and electronic musician Thavius Beck checks out less explored and slightly hidden features in Live. In the second installment of Did You Know? Thavius explains Ableton Live’s Info View, and shows you how you can edit and create your own text and write notes and instruction. This is an extremely useful tip for remixing and collaborations.

In the lower left corner of Live’s interface you can enable the Info View which will display information about whatever your mouse is hovering over at the time.  This is very helpful when you are approaching a new instrument or effect for the first time.  But wait there’s more…

What I didn’t know was that you can actually write your own notes in the Info View. You can right-click on a clip or track and select Edit Info Text from the contextual menu, which allows you to type your own notes that will be displayed in the Info View whenever someone hovers their mouse over that particular clip or track. This can be very useful if you are sharing your Live sets with other people. For example, let’s say you need someone else to mix a song for you; you can write little notes about the tracks or individual clips and all of that info will be saved with your set and displayed in the Info View for your mixing engineer’s reading pleasure (but of course that’s just one application).  Yet another feature that is conveniently hidden… haha! – Thavius Beck

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