Dubstep Wobble Bass Pt 2 Ableton Live Tutorial: Operator, FM

Here’s the followup to our very successful Dubstep Wobble Bass with Ableton Live 8 video tutorial Dubspot. This time, Dubspot instructor and Ableton Live expert Mike Hatsis aka !banginclude shows how to create a very dirty, aggressive dubstep style wobble bass in Ableton Live from scratch using Live’s Operator instrument. Operator is a frequency modulation aka FM synthesizer and this tutorial serves as a basic FM synthesis tutorial as well as teaching you how to make nasty dubstep bass. Was this helpful to you? Do you have questions? Leave us a comment below!
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  • Jinnxx
  • 11/1/2010

great tut. it also helped me to understand the operator features!!

  • vincent
  • 11/1/2010

can you put the lemur lay out online ?
with a short explanation for what does what ?
then i can ‘remake’ it on i pad

  • RhysBob
  • 11/1/2010

sweet tutorial, banging wobble! :)

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  • 11/1/2010

[...] load up that preset.) Starting with the Operator sound he created in the previous video tutorial Dubstep Wobble Bass Part 2, and using the patch as a launching point, he turns off Operators B, C, and D and keeps Operator A [...]