2015 DMC Battle for World Supremacy Champion DJ Precision (X-ecutioners)

Congratulations to Dubspot’s Turntablism Instructor and 2015 DMC US Champ, DJ Precision for winning the 2015 Battle for World Supremacy Champion title – a vinyl only head to head knockout held at the DMC World DJ Championships in London.

DJ Precision

Photo by Christie Z-Pabon

2015 DMC World DJ Championships presented by Official Rane DJ

On October 4th, the 30th Anniversary of the DMC World DJ Championship took place in Kentish Town, London at The Forum for what turned out to be one of the most cutting edge DMC World Finals. Seventeen National Champions from around the globe performed their best six-minute routines to battle it out for the ultimate DMC Champion titles. The heated night saw new levels of talent, and once the smoke cleared, the judges presented Canada’s DJ Vekked with the victory, New Zealand’s DJ Spell in second, and the US Champ DJ Precision for third.

DJ Precision

Photo by Christie Z-Pabon

Learn Turntablism w/ DMC Champ DJ Precision

Keep warm this fall by heating up your scratching & beat juggling skills on the wheels of steel with 2015 DMC US Champ, and Queens’ own DJ Precision. Whatever your genre of choice, Turntablism allows you to set yourself apart from the pack with true technical ability. Learn how to execute scratches, beat juggles, trick mixes, drumming, team routines, and more in any style of music. Get hands-on experience using real vinyl records, the legendary Technics’ SL-1200/1210 series turntables, top of the line DJ mixers, and Serato/Traktor, all while learning from some of the world’s best turntablists.

Turntablism Extensive Program

Turntablism allows students to interact with music on a deeper level and completely reshape songs live rather than simply playing them. The skills you learn in this program will fortify your DJ arsenal.

What’s Included

  • Turntablism Level 1: Spice Foundations Part 1
  • Turntablism Level 2: Spice Foundations Part 2
  • Turntablism Level 3: Boot Camp
  • Turntablism Level 4: Mild | Improvisation & Teamwork
  • Turntablism Level 5: Medium | The Next Level
  • Turntablism Level 6: Hot | Building Routines

About This Program

Turntablism is the art of manipulating turntables like an instrument. Starting with the fundamentals of “Scratching” and “Beat Juggling,” the program will focus on proper technique, optimal practice habits, creative exploration, group work, applications, and eventually full-blown turntablist sets.

Also Included

  • All 6 levels of Turntablism, 24 sessions
  • 42 hours of hands-on instruction
  • Additional instructor-supervised lab hours

About DJ Precision

DJ Instructor


DJ Precision is one of the most respected and talented turntablists in the world. He is the youngest member of the internationally acclaimed X-ecutioners and an original founding member of Ill Insanity and the Lo-Livez crew. Precision is a four-time national champion, including the 2007 DMC USA “6min Showcase title,” and recently the DMC US 2015 title. He has toured the globe opening for acts such as Ludacris, the Roots, and the Black Eyed Peas. Learn the precise precision of DJing from the precision preciseness of DJ Precision.

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DJ Precision DMC World Finals 2012